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I’ll get on to videos another time

September 29, 2007

now, Friday was up and down. Until around 8pm after making tempura veg ( broccoli leaves will never be the same again) *YUM* to eat with chutney for dinner. I made a light batter with rice and corn flours and then kept dribbling more batter on the broccoli and courgette whilst they cooked so the batter became crispy and bubbly.
Then I realized it was our 5th anniversary, since we met/got together sort of thing. So we did what most couples do when at home on an anniversary and had an early night. Nuf said. *grins* Ok I promise no more.

One other thing I forgot to mention is that mum called on Thursday night with test results from the doctors, saying for now her cancer is in good recession. Therefore at the moment she is as healthy as she can be and can expect to have some time to enjoy not completely without cancer but with it not growing and therefore not a risk on her health. Expected time frames (accepting all disclaimers for all other possible incidents) include wellness until some time after our wedding, all fingers crossed and all that. Also when we saw her last I saw her hair growing back. I thought it was beautiful, thick, soft mottled shades of grey. Although under 5mm long, it will come back beautifully and it was so silky to touch.

Today I have been making good progress on some socks. I started these last weekend after I cracked a toe method that I want to use. They are near to the point of starting a gusset. I did start one but I’ve done my first rip back of 4 rows. Its all very basic so that I can get used to a form of sock I’m happy with constructing. I do hope to elucidate on all this but for now I’m finding giving out little detail is helping with the need to do more to it. Blogging too much detail sometimes kills the fun.

next time, hopefully videos and yarn swifts.