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sun shiney day

September 12, 2007

This morning is busy but the weather is fine. Last night I bailed out of any activities and went and sat on the mound near the lake and knitted. I saw the family who traveled with me to Disney and they were having a great time. As it got too dark I moved to a bench under a lamp, then as it got too cold I moved to my room. The relaxing peace just made my day and I slept well. It made me realise that the beds are quite comfortable and the pillows here are good too, for a hotel. oh and yes, I’m super picky when it comes to pillows. I cant stand feather.

This afternoon I’m still hoping for some time alone so I can get my personal development work done. You know the sort of stuff where you write about yourself and say how wonderfully you do your job.

The bayerische mitts are about || that far from being completed. I have around 10 rows of thumb to complete then weave in the ends. I want to show the world but where I am now is not really suitable to show off my knitting talents. Instead I think if I do get chance I’ll crack on with a pair of socks. If only I could decide on a pattern.


more happened than I can write about

September 11, 2007

Last night was an absolute blast. There were canapes (add the thingy to the e yourself I’m too tired to figure it out) and wine and I met my colleague. I went on two rides over at the Walt Disney studios. If you do end up at Disney Paris and need to know which are the best roller coasters aerosmith ride and finding nemo ride are the two best out there. I went on nemo twice then ran to the other and went on that 3 times then came back and went on nemo twice again. Very very enjoyable and entertaining.

To make sure I got enough rest I was back at the hotel by 11.15 hoping to get a good nights kip. This time it was not to be, I’ve had really weird and down right scary dreams before but it has been a long long time since the last time. I think a mix of the rich food and running around and adrenaline from the rides left me all of a twitter and unable to rest. When I did manage to get to sleep I had the most horrendous nightmares where I was stuck on a bus going round Norwich city centre, all of it all back to front and we could not get off the bus. This is me and a bunch of people I needed to help. I had to watch each of them fail their tasks and die in quite horrible ways even with my help, crushed by trees, limbs lost and general maiming. Yeah that vivid. Then the bus crashed and I was mangled. I remember trying to shout and scream and I woke myself up making a shout that eventually fought out from my dream in to reality. I was shouting in my sleep, this I have found I can do consciously, keep trying to scream until I make a sound which jolts me out of sleep and into consciousness. Its like fighting a gag.

I was hot then cold then hot then cold. Eventually I managed to get back to sleep and it all started over again. Finally I got to my goal of getting home to Scotty and found him there saying he’s glad I never caught him with another woman. He was naked in bed and the other woman walked out of the bathroom naked too and they started getting it on in front of me. Thing is, this particular woman is a great friend of mine and Scott has never ever found her “attractive” although he thinks she’s a nice friend. Same goes for her of him. I think it hurt more because I know he does not want to be like that with her, it felt like a sword in my chest that he did not want me any more. I woke up bolt upright in a bout of sweat. This was around 4.30am and due to being alone in my hotel room I decided it was wise to watch 10 minutes telly and try and dislodge my mind from its destructive cycle. I did get back to sleep but it has wrecked me for today, so I am working and well but tonight I will not be going out to party, I will be spending the time in my room knitting if possible, using that to relax and put me in a meditative state before sleeping. I know it will help.

I have had dreams like this before but not for a lot of years. It kinda freaks me out a little that my mind can put the most vivid sickening and painful images and feelings in my head, my words cant do them justice. The one thing I needed and wanted at 4am was my Scotty and it nearly had me in tears that he was in another country and I couldn’t call or see him.

All is better now anyway and work is still good. I will make sure I rest properly this evening and not go running around throwing myself at theme park rides.

Here have last nights photos:


a little knowledge

September 10, 2007

is a wonderful if slightly dangerous thing. All my worries about traveling are over. My knowledge of what I’m here for is now in full understanding and I feel comfortable with my situation.

I’m in Disneyland Paris and covering IT support for a major conference and training courses for a large firm of accounting advisors. Everything is going fine and I cannot complain about a thing. I have everything I need to do my job and lots of bonuses on the side. The food is very good and although I am working alone, as in I’m the only one doing my job on my site, my colleagues in the support teams are extremely friendly and helpful. They may need me at some point but they make me feel welcome and part of that team. I do have one colleague here which I will see this evening. I’ve worked with him before but as yet not met him. He is based at the other hotel the other end of the lake. So far messages have been sent but neither of us have taken to walking to see eachother.

Tonight we are going in to a section of the park, the disney studios section. I will take my camera and report back later. Over all I can see the light at the end and I can see the enjoyment inbetween which is what I needed to see yesterday whilst in angst. One thing is definate though. I already miss home, I don’t believe I’m that attached but not having the two most important people no… souls (scotty and erasmus) with me does break my heart. I want to share the fun and not have it all to myself.


I’ve packed

September 9, 2007

and I have less than an hour left before I go. That bubbly tummy stressed feeling is washing over me wondering if I have everything I need and dreading the travel. I’ll be fine when I get there but today more than most other journeys I’ve taken, I have a not so good feeling about it. No idea why…. it may be partly due to being given little or no instruction on my job role when I get there but I suspect it will be very similar to last year.

Really I’m fed up with the waiting and the feeling of did I get everything done? am I ready? I want to think of other things. I want to see beyond this week but for now it is all I can cope with.

remind me when I get back to get my car serviced, take erasmus to the vet and to cheer up! I should be happy of the challenge.

Oh we made it out to my parents new house yesterday, its great. A lovely location and a relaxing place although it needs lots of work I think they are looking forward to it. My brother is House Hell. The plumbers fitted an illegal oil tank. He’s got to get the lawyers involved and ofstead. I really do feel for him and wish I could be of more help. Its my sisters and nieces birthday this weekend too but they are away. I’ll see them all next weekend. I delivered presents to my parents for them, and chutney for all. I have no more chutney to give away now.


getting down with it

September 6, 2007

right I’m starting to get organized with items I need to have to take with me to Paris. PLEASE don’t let me forget my works laptop, my ipod and docking bits, my safeword token so I can do my personal development gubbins (eurgh). Swimming costume and knitting. I want to start on something new so it will be socks if I can get the needles on the plane.

I just looked up my employee discounts scheme and after the apple announcement last night with the new things they are launching I can get up to 17% discount. I am deeply tempted to buy a new nano. Overall right now I’m just trying to pull everything together pre next week. Making sure everything I do is covered by others. I even have all the paperwork printed out ready to take.

Oh and the camera, I simply must take our decent camera this time. Cant you tell I’m wound up enough I cant think of anything else! *sigh* one day I’ll learn not to panic and get uptight a few days in advance of a trip away.


drastic measures

September 5, 2007

well not really but I thought I’d get you going. I’ve set up my ipod on my works machine so I can use the PC and ipod together next week whilst I’m working away. To this end I have downloaded quite a few pod casts. Not something I got in to right away but now I have a couple of knitting ones I wondered what else is out there. Anyone with any good suggestions?

Scotty is getting on fine in his new job. I’m very much liking him getting up and leaving me in bed for 30 minutes whilst he shaves, gets tea and puts on a shirt. There is nothing quite like being awakened by a tall handsome man freshly washed and looking dapper giving me a cup of tea and giving me a kiss to wake me. 🙂 Damn I love that man.

not much else on at the moment. Its all go at work with the new student intake. They all look so young and fresh faced. Its enough to make me feel like an old crone!


I need cheering

September 4, 2007

depressed does not quite cover it. I’m more melancholy and pmt-ish as well as seriously hating myself. I bet some didn’t think I suffered from depression but I think I may, just a touch. I hide it sometimes but other times it drags me in to a pit of despair about one or other section of my life. THANK goodness I have some things in my life that are always worth cheering up for. For example:

so I’m not going to bore you with depressive thoughts.


enjoyment and recovery

September 3, 2007

Friday night we had some friends stay over. Only 3 which is about all we can cope with. It was nice, once they got to our house we went out and got a curry in town then came home to drink more. Erasmus was pure entertainment the whole time and he has gained more fans. He just appears to perform for guests, jumping in and out of a bag and mewing on command. He knows when he’s the star of the show. All friends left with a jar of chutney. we’re getting down it now, and I just cant resist not letting people leave without something to remember us by!

Saturday was beer recovery day. I knitted and got some washing done.

Sunday I cooked and did some more washing and knitting. Also went to tescos on an empty stomach. Oh dear. I’ve bought all the wrong things and they are DELICIOUS… there goes the lb’s back on I lost. *sigh*  We were going to go see mum and dad at thier new house but after ironing 7 shirts and doing all the rest of the general stuff that NEEDED doing we ran out of time. What we did do was cook marrow, now I do like stuffed marrow but I didn’t fancy that. What I can reccomend is small chunks breadcrumbed and fried. That with chutney goes down great.

/start knitting content

The bayerische mitts are coming along nicely. If I get time I may finish them soon. One is now complete with thumb. I’m very impressed with the end product. I had to get creative with the top of the glove and with the thumb. The top is a mirror of the increases at the bottom with decreases instead and the thumb may not be explainable. I sort of picked up stitches to fill holes and made it up as I went along to achieve something that does not look out of place. I casted off as loose as I could to allow movement in the top and I may have done it just a little too loose but it still looks great. The thumb is cast off just right although I would if repeating still have two more stitches in the round than I finished because it becomes quite a tight fit.

I started listening to a pod cast on knitting. I looked them up on itunes and Brenda of cast on is an absolute scream. I wanted to start at the beginning and it has been a bit strange hearing about Christmas 2004 on my walk in to work. I have on several occasions burst out laughing in public whilst walking. Trying to compose myself, I’m sure I look like a complete loon but I would recommend it to anyone who wants a light hearted look at knitting. I also listened all the way round the supermarket the other day and it made the whole shopping experience much better. Brenda appears to be the most downloaded on itunes, this is why I chose her. I will start looking at others but not until I’ve got a bit more up to date with hers.

/stop knitting content

This week is officially now 7 years in the same job. Make from this what you will: *itch itch*