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October 5, 2007

worked late till 6.15 yesterday. Went in early at 8.30 this morning. Got a call from Scotty saying the trains were stuffed so I took the overtime as toil and dashed off at 4.30

printed out directions, grabbed a cab home,  got the car out of the garage which is a tight squeeze now the builders have managed to fit two diggers on the plot driveway next door. Drove over to Diss in rush hour, got there at 6pm

Drove home again, got the car back in the garage because the builders need access. Ate fish and chips and collapsed. Now with added swollen lumpy throat and blocked ear.

I would like permission to feel sorry for myself now, feeling poo on a Friday night. There is only one place you will find me tonight, on the sofa under a duvet.

tatty bye.