the antipoop

October 8, 2007

so Saturday was a late rise and a bimble about doing some basic homely tasks and some knitting and lots of watching telly. By the end of the day I had an early night and wanted to make sure I did something Sunday so that the weekend was not lost to another day on the sofa.

Around 11.30 we left the house for a stomp around mouse hold heath, not far from our house but lots of lovely woods.

There was lots to see so we just kept walking and walking and taking photos

We saw greens and browns through every shade, lots of mushrooms and even the Jay that visited our neighbours garden last week. This time I got a better look at him, and I’m mighty glad I used the big zoom lens.

It was great for getting things just out of reach of most lenses and stretches. I was a little disappointed with the mushroom images I took. Instead take a look at Scotty’s photos, he used the 50mm lens which was stunning for all those close ups. Instead of going home we walked nearly all the way down gurney hill. Along river side and stopped for lunch at the Thai on the river floating boat restaurant. Very tasty and quite a varied menu.

We took our time over eating and after working up such an appetite we even managed puddings. LOVELY they were too. You just cant beat hot steamy chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce. *drools*

After eating so much we felt like just getting a cab home but no, instead we took a stomp in to town, through the mall to get some coffee beans, out the other side up to the market to get a cab home. We waited, no cabs. We gave up and walked to the bus stop and cab rank on toomb land. No bus, no cabs. *sigh* after a good sit down we decided to keep walking towards home. Finally after getting to Anglia square the bus arrived and we hopped on, only two stops from home.

I really enjoyed the day. Yeah it may not have been too productive in the house cleaning front, or getting the garden done, or a million other things I should be doing. What it did do was let me release from all that, clear out all the cobwebs in my little brain of bear. (those who know me well enough often call me teddy bear, it goes well with my real name) Plus it let me think of nothing, just enjoy the moments as they passed. I wish more days could be spent like this, with no aim, just exploring.

oohh gmaps pedometer, I can show you just how far we walked! Damn I could swear it was longer than that.


  1. Gosh that is a fair bit of walking!

    BTW, my friend is playing a gig in a pub on Dereham Road on 12th November (random!) so I will probably be in Norwich that weekend. Fancy coming along to the gig? I will also probably be in Take 5 at some point that day.


  2. That sounds like fun, do you think they’ll let us knit in the corner? 😉

  3. ooh, a map *stalks*

  4. I’m sure Take 5 will be very accommodating! I’ve no idea what the pub is like…it’s called the Queen Charlotte. Heard anything about it?


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