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RSI stops me doing lots of things

October 10, 2007

like blogging and knitting. So bereft of any decent content, and as I spend most days at work on a computer all day, I have little or nothing for you.

have a flag:

seen on the top of Norwich City Hall (god damned shift button *SCREAMS* *applies muscle rub and tuba-grip*) Although we have no idea why there is an RAF thingy on the flag. Any ideas gratefully appreciated

I STOATALLY (like totally but with the fortitude of stoats) hate keyboard short cuts and case changes, and I love them at the same time. Its my left arm you see, compounded carpel tunnel issues just near my elbow and I can tell its from using ctrl and lots of other letters to get things done. You name it and I use my little finger to hold down cntrl or shift. I even use a microsoft ergonomic keyboard and it makes little difference because a lot of my work is on other peoples machines. I know its that because after a while touching my little finger and thumb together hurts as does making a fist shape to punch things because it hurts. So like yeah, nothing much happened, no knitting just lots of being slightly angry and frustrated. It only gets this bad a couple of times a year.. only when I’m stressed and working far to hard. Good job I’ve booked a holiday for soonish.

Maybe I’m keeping one thing back. Instant microwave sponge pudding. I’m yet to perfect a recipe, but when I do I will let you know. Last night it was saviour to the after dinner pudding craving. It could have been better but I’m willing to keep trying.