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knittastic learning socks

October 13, 2007

My Toe up on two circulars at the same time are finito!

There are so many good things to spout about with these. Mainly because they still worked even though it was an odd number of stitches throughout. I’ve even noticed a small mistake that makes them all the more beautiful.

how the toe goes together.

I started with a single cast on and twisted the first and last stitch on both needles on every round. Every other round I created (make 1) stitch after and before the twisted stitch on both sides, increasing 4 stitches on that round. I liked the beginning number of stitches measuring the same length as between my 2nd and 4th toe. I added stitches until it capped my toes completely and felt like a comfortable size to wear. I then worked in the round until I started the gusset.

I found the best place to increase for the gusset was just after the middle of the arch of my foot. Now I did this all topsy turvy which is why I had to move to DPN’s to complete the heel. The best way is to increase on the base of the foot, but I added on the top. At the point you want to increase place a marker, make one knit wise or purl wise whichever is better for it looking the prettier every other round. Do this equally on both sides of the sock. I placed mine half way between the top and bottom of the foot at the top of the arch. I don’t know how better to explain this part. Mighty confusing. I do hope the images help with the explanation. All of them are available viewed large on Flickr, which may help you understand what I’m wibbling on about. Click any of the images to take you to flickr.

The next turning point is in line with the ankle bone and half way between the front and back of the ankle. At this point I moved to DPN’s to work left right on the heel. I did around 6 short rows, enough to cover the entire flat of my heel when pulled up.

Then on the next row, work all the way round picking up ALL the wrapped stitches. Finally to create the not so flappy heel flap. start knitting the first gusset stitch with the last short row corner (now one row deep) by knitting two together. Turn the sock to work back across the heel. slip one knit wise and purl the row, on the last stitch purl two together between the heel and gusset again. Its like working your way up the back of the heel slipping the first stitch and knitting and purling two together between the gusset and heel to mark the end of each row. Do this until all of the extra stitches are eaten up and you have the same number of stitches you had for the main round of the foot.

I’m afraid the thought of having a new finished object made me give them a short length. I wanted it NOW damn it.

The fault is on the ribbing cuff. On both of them its k2 p2 ribbing but with a single knit ridge to mark the inside ankle of each sock. Except the positioning is 3 rows behind on one sock compared to the other.

When I took these photos they were not washed or blocked but they felt perfect. The shape is one of the most comfortable things I have ever placed on my feet. The only worry is how pale my legs are. eep!

Now I’ve spent all day wanting to start something new but failing to find just the right thing. knitting ripping knitting ripping ad infinitum. Plus I’ve pulled my arm again typing and knitting too much. OOhh and my sister popped over for coffee and confessed she’s been here. Cant wait to go to London with her and Mum next Saturday. Train tickets are here and waiting.