damn I forgot blog action day

October 15, 2007

now I don’t normally take part in ANYTHING. I’m an abstainer, a sitter on that fence and basically a coward (well not exactly but I’m not first in line). Still there are some things worth shouting about and one is the environment.

I saw a small movie earlier today on youtube that sums up how we should all feel. WE must all do SOMETHING because doing nothing has bigger consequences if we get the choice wrong. Do something, or do nothing. Something may be expensive and have knock on effects but its still better than doing nothing and then something happens we’ve not prepared for having the worst possible results.

To save me having to blather on and say the same as everyone else I would like to refer you all to my good friend Cishanjia who has a very ballanced view on things and delves deep in to philosophy. His post here discusses power and usage which I agree with.


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