October 20, 2007

just got in, had a LOVELY day out and heard that Erasmus is getting better, he’s not well yet but his leg is getting warmer and has not died so therefore they are keeping him in for a few days, and hopefully he will get totally well and come home.


now I’ve had a cup of tea and sat down for a bit I can go in to a little more detail. Erasmus is likely to be on a low dose of aspirin  for the rest of his days to keep his blood thin. Apart from that I think we were very very lucky and I was ready for the very worst case situation. Now my heart has lightened.

I went to London today with my mum and my sister. I’ve had a great time and stomped about looking at fabrics and going round libertys  and hamleys.  We managed to get the dress silk for my wedding dress. Most spectacular and delicate and prosh. (propper posh). I tried on corsets and made some big choices.


  1. YEAH! Fantastico news!!

    Give him an extra rub on the head from me when he comes out… and in the meantime look at this:


  2. That is most frabulous.

  3. Ally read out your post to me (who needs RSS feeds?), and I’m muchly chuffed to hear that the furry one is on the mend.

  4. phew! I can’t believe I was so worried over a cat.

    *ducks stones*

    permission to go SQUEEEEEE about weddingsey stuff?

  5. permission granted. I’ll get a photo of the silk next time I see mum and show you via mail. I cant tell Scotty what its like.

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