oddness prevails

October 25, 2007

so yeah, I’m at home all week. The cleaning is getting done slowly. As its holiday I’m not rushing to do things. Erasmus had another visit to the vet yesterday and he has a nurse visit booked tomorrow. He is improving although he still limps and walks on his back paw funny curling it round underneath him. I keep massaging him and all warmth is back in his leg. There is still one problem. He does not appear to be eating properly yet. I’m getting close to force feeding in some way. I’m just not sure quite how to go about it.

What I have done is got some new yarn from the local store on Cromer road. I managed to pop out for 20 minutes and leave Erasmus sleeping. I bought some Louisa Harding Grace – silk & wool. Its lovely and smooshy and perfect for a hat for mum. Hopefully all this time off will give me time to make her a birthday present before 18th November.

My brother and his lovely wife are popping over with the twins this morning. I’m just getting the place sorted to be at least reasonably child proof (who am I kidding). Erasmus will have to go in his cage for a bit because its not safe him hobbling around a pair of running 22 month olds.

I feel like I should be relaxing in to my time off, but I’m not. I’ve had to take the only holiday time I had left which means I’m going to have to work the whole Christmas week except bank holidays. A tad frustrating but hey, I’m getting Uber cuddles on the hour from a very happy cat. Plus doing the housework and staying in most of the time is enjoyable, just not exciting like good holidays should be.

One comment

  1. I am glad he is doing better. Try giving him different things that he might love like tuna, salmon, or shrimp. That might get him back in the mood for eating.

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