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the rise and rise of pawford

October 30, 2007

this evening I got home to our cat walking better than ever. I do worry about him and wish I could spend more time at home. He is proving to us that he’s getting better and trying his very best to get well. He’s still limpy but at least knuckling less and standing better on his back legs. He’s always fun and purring lots and you can see in his eyes that its slightly frustrating but not going to stop him being happy.

In other news last night our neighbours were home and forgot that they were in a terrace. The bass on their music was LOUD and we waited until after 11.30 before I got up and went next door and very kindly requested the turn it down before I use my dpns as stabby things. I was polite but informed them that somehow they were managing to get the bass right up the partition wall, and really a monday night? PLEASE I’m nearly 30. I prefer not to be shaken in my bed after 11 on a week night because you’re still a stoodent.

Anyehew they were nice about it and turned it down. Then when leaving 30 minutes later managed to slam the front door and the car doors and rev the car engine. Then the builders started at 7am breaking bricks, mixing cemet, and cicrular sawing breeze blocks. Saying all that though we’ve been here nearly a year and thats the first time ever I’ve really been annoyed enough to want to crack out the knitting needles for some ninja smack down.

I’ve carved a pumpkin. Scotty has toasted the seeds. I will report back on the seeds and I’m processing photos on the mini pumpkin. I’ve booked another visit to Dragon Hall and Erasmus’s next visit to the vet. I may just get around to some knitting if I get away from blogging and that internet.