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October 20, 2007

just got in, had a LOVELY day out and heard that Erasmus is getting better, he’s not well yet but his leg is getting warmer and has not died so therefore they are keeping him in for a few days, and hopefully he will get totally well and come home.


now I’ve had a cup of tea and sat down for a bit I can go in to a little more detail. Erasmus is likely to be on a low dose of aspirin  for the rest of his days to keep his blood thin. Apart from that I think we were very very lucky and I was ready for the very worst case situation. Now my heart has lightened.

I went to London today with my mum and my sister. I’ve had a great time and stomped about looking at fabrics and going round libertys  and hamleys.  We managed to get the dress silk for my wedding dress. Most spectacular and delicate and prosh. (propper posh). I tried on corsets and made some big choices.


ok things are a little better

October 19, 2007

Erasmus is comfortable and fighting the good fight. The vets are being wonderful and have him well looked after.

He’s still without feeling in his back leg but not in pain. We went to see him and we could not be asking for better care. He was a tad spaced out but gave us both a great hug and still knew it was us and was happy to receive toys. He also wanted to play even though he struggled to get up properly. He’s not out of the woods but they want to give him another 24 hours on the medicines to see if there are any improvements. As he’s not suffering it is worth trying to fix things.

I’m off to London tomorrow, we will be kept informed, and I hope to keep my close friends and family informed via here and flickr tomorrow night.

I had a really odd day at work and struggled to keep it together. I’m amazed at how deeply I love that cat, sometimes because of the special bond I feel we have I do feel like I can call him son. Hopefully I’m still detached enough to be able to let him go if he needs to. I still respect him enough to make sure he’s not in pain or suffering.

I can see why some people can think pets are just pets, but those who have met erasmus  know he is more than that. His character pervades his being and he gives so much love.


*lip wibble*

October 18, 2007

I’ve written all I can here:

(click the image)

wish our cat all the love you can.



October 17, 2007



I have done at least 3 nice, not required extra things today all to be returned to me with either a not so personal insult or a general dissing of what I’ve tried to do to help. I really put myself out to give my time energy and abilities.

Cant go in to any detail, that would be unprofessional. I know none of these people would want to really upset me. Maybe I’m being too sensitive…

getting home to finding erasmus has not been using his litter tray because the door accidentally closed on his bathroom has finally made me scream and swear.

I have mopped the floor cleaned up, changed the litter and collapsed. Please nobody give me another reason to have a good moan today. I may end up pulling out my hair.

now to a cup of tea to calm it all down.


damn I forgot blog action day

October 15, 2007

now I don’t normally take part in ANYTHING. I’m an abstainer, a sitter on that fence and basically a coward (well not exactly but I’m not first in line). Still there are some things worth shouting about and one is the environment.

I saw a small movie earlier today on youtube that sums up how we should all feel. WE must all do SOMETHING because doing nothing has bigger consequences if we get the choice wrong. Do something, or do nothing. Something may be expensive and have knock on effects but its still better than doing nothing and then something happens we’ve not prepared for having the worst possible results.

To save me having to blather on and say the same as everyone else I would like to refer you all to my good friend Cishanjia who has a very ballanced view on things and delves deep in to philosophy. His post here discusses power and usage which I agree with.


yesterday we had another nice long walk

October 15, 2007

in which I saw squirrels and these ladybirds:

So many colours!

The sun streaked through the trees.

and we spent ages walking all around mousehold heath just forgetting that the cleaning was there and forgetting any stresses the world could lay on us.

I swear that I saw a BBC news article on how taking a walk in the woods can reduce your stress levels like nothing else can. I believe it and intend to try and get out more. Its a shame now at this time of year that I get up as the sun comes up and get home as it gets dark. It will only get darker now until late December but I still have my weekends and I intend to use them. (EDIT) oohh found it: LINKY

Anyhew, here’s a link to all the other photos I took whilst out walking yesterday. Sorry I’ve not really got the time energy or inclination to link them all with propper images.

I cast on for the handsome triangle yesterday from my Victorian lace today book. I’ve been wanting to complete something from it since I got the book. Hopefully this time I will keep going and not frog it once I get frustrated. Plus I must remember to add in some fall back safety lines so I don’t end up reversing all my hard work.

Overall today is melancholy. I can think of millions of things I’d rather be doing that sitting at work, but hey it still pays the bills. I want to knit, I need to clean the house and really I could do with a few more hours kip after not being able to get to sleep last night. I just hate it when I lay down and know that my head is too full of goo to allow me to rest. As YoYo (an on-line knit blogger) said: Le Sigh. I do like her tone of phrase.


knittastic learning socks

October 13, 2007

My Toe up on two circulars at the same time are finito!

There are so many good things to spout about with these. Mainly because they still worked even though it was an odd number of stitches throughout. I’ve even noticed a small mistake that makes them all the more beautiful.

how the toe goes together.

I started with a single cast on and twisted the first and last stitch on both needles on every round. Every other round I created (make 1) stitch after and before the twisted stitch on both sides, increasing 4 stitches on that round. I liked the beginning number of stitches measuring the same length as between my 2nd and 4th toe. I added stitches until it capped my toes completely and felt like a comfortable size to wear. I then worked in the round until I started the gusset.

I found the best place to increase for the gusset was just after the middle of the arch of my foot. Now I did this all topsy turvy which is why I had to move to DPN’s to complete the heel. The best way is to increase on the base of the foot, but I added on the top. At the point you want to increase place a marker, make one knit wise or purl wise whichever is better for it looking the prettier every other round. Do this equally on both sides of the sock. I placed mine half way between the top and bottom of the foot at the top of the arch. I don’t know how better to explain this part. Mighty confusing. I do hope the images help with the explanation. All of them are available viewed large on Flickr, which may help you understand what I’m wibbling on about. Click any of the images to take you to flickr.

The next turning point is in line with the ankle bone and half way between the front and back of the ankle. At this point I moved to DPN’s to work left right on the heel. I did around 6 short rows, enough to cover the entire flat of my heel when pulled up.

Then on the next row, work all the way round picking up ALL the wrapped stitches. Finally to create the not so flappy heel flap. start knitting the first gusset stitch with the last short row corner (now one row deep) by knitting two together. Turn the sock to work back across the heel. slip one knit wise and purl the row, on the last stitch purl two together between the heel and gusset again. Its like working your way up the back of the heel slipping the first stitch and knitting and purling two together between the gusset and heel to mark the end of each row. Do this until all of the extra stitches are eaten up and you have the same number of stitches you had for the main round of the foot.

I’m afraid the thought of having a new finished object made me give them a short length. I wanted it NOW damn it.

The fault is on the ribbing cuff. On both of them its k2 p2 ribbing but with a single knit ridge to mark the inside ankle of each sock. Except the positioning is 3 rows behind on one sock compared to the other.

When I took these photos they were not washed or blocked but they felt perfect. The shape is one of the most comfortable things I have ever placed on my feet. The only worry is how pale my legs are. eep!

Now I’ve spent all day wanting to start something new but failing to find just the right thing. knitting ripping knitting ripping ad infinitum. Plus I’ve pulled my arm again typing and knitting too much. OOhh and my sister popped over for coffee and confessed she’s been here. Cant wait to go to London with her and Mum next Saturday. Train tickets are here and waiting.