I’m on holiday

November 7, 2007

which means I’ve avoided blogging too, instead doing fun things like going out.

Saturday we met up with the family and went to a great fireworks event. It was lovely to see the whole clan together enjoying the out doors. There were lots of photos taken.

Also spotted some strange light UFO’s when taking photos. Click on the image to see the whole set.

I gave mum her new hat and she LOVES it. YAY! I tried taking photos of her and she did not like the result so instead I replaced her with marge simpson.

sometimes I just cant resist a quick and dirty photo shop.

Monday we went shopping in town and bought some wood and dowel and a chisel and drill bits. We decided to make a yarn swift so that I could ball all my skeins of wool. I can confirm it works but you’ll have to wait until my next holiday post for images. Scotty and I stopped at wagon mamma’s for lunch and wandered home to play with power tools.

Monday afternoon Erasmus took a trip to the vet to be told he is doing very very well now. He needs to take medicine for another month and will have to have aspirin every 3 days for the rest of his life. I’ll have to find another way of giving it to him because squirting in his mouth is not working. He’s used up one of his 9 lives now.

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