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we made a yarn swift :D

November 9, 2007

I found these instructions online.

After we bought some wood and the right tools it took a couple of evenings to get together. We used what we had at home like some small black plastic tubing which held together some old metal drawer frames. We used the cylindrical metal too.

Over all I’m AMAZED at how well it works. Just set it up and turn the ball winder hand and it all goes by itself.

Tuesday morning I went shopping and got some sand paper to neaten it all up. I think we pottered about the house getting the washing done for the rest of the day.

I’ve updated all my Ravelry stuff and its 90% up to date now. I’m only missing one yarn photo and updates on my latest completed mini project. My ears were getting cold. I’ll tell more another day.

Wednesday we went to Dragon Hall with mum and dad. Parents approval of our wedding venue has been met and an invoice will be in the post to us soon with full costs for 1 full day usage of the venue. We had lunch out at the rush cutters on the river and it was lovely.

Thursday we nipped over to the UEA and visited the Sainsburys art gallery. That was fun. Photos to come soon. Scotty already has his up if you follow the link to your bottom right on this page. Also popped past PC world and got a few little ipoddy bits like a sleeve and a new radio tuner as the last one broke in the car.

I’m loving all this bimbling about and I’m amazed at how time can just disappear with out achieving anything. I can spend WAY too much time on the net checking things before actually getting anything done at all. Take today (Friday) for example. I’ve managed to shower and sew in some ends. That is all. I suppose its best to enjoy wasting time whilst I have the chance to. Although I can feel the sheer tension from Scotty feeling that he’s wasted a day not leaving the house. I’m just going to have to go and cheer him up. 🙂 maybe after cleaning the kitchen and cooking a frabulous dinner and knitting and many other things….oh the lists are endless, in a good way.