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the not so regular update

November 19, 2007

several things to cover. I’ll try and remember them all

Erasmus appears to be mostly better but as of Thursday last week we noticed an odd bare patch on his leg. We also wondered why he had several hairballs in the two days leading up to finding this patch. We’ve tried to deal with it ourselves. He’s not taking his aspirin properly and I’m getting a tad frustrated with spending most of my evening saying: ” Erasmus, please stop. NO.” and then distracting him with something else. It works quite well and when we added a touch of olive oil to his food it calmed down and he appeared to stop licking as much. I guess his leg is hot tingly and itchy but now I have booked a fresh vets appointment on Wednesday. I’ve requested an early at work and hopefully we can get him back on track.

Mums birthday was yesterday. The shock that she’s 60 and now a fully paid up bus pass owner has not slowed her down. The entire clan met on Sunday at a pub for lunch. When I say entire clan I mean it. All the in-laws and great grandparents for the youngest. 4 generations in one room and 19 people all told. The food was ok but a bit pub standard. It tasted nice but it was not exciting. Mum looked so very very happy and everyone enjoyed themselves. Most of everyone went back to my brothers house but I’m afraid Scotty and I disappeared to be lost in Tescos getting the weekly shop before it shut. Not something I’d recommend. I’m yet to go late night shopping and I think I may need to next time, save making me want to stab people in the eyes who cant handle a trolley. Another thing that struck me is I’m almost exactly half my mothers age now. I was born when she was 30. I’m dreading hitting 30 because I don’t wanna grow up 😉 I dread to think how she feels about 60, although I’ve got a feeling she’s handling it well and requesting a good dose of senility to ease the passing. Why not? I’d use any excuse to have all day retired like mum and dad have. I know its not my time yet. I have photos from the pub, I’ll upload them soon. It was fantastic to see both of my grans as they live a long way away I very rarely get to see them and feel guilty for not visiting more often.

I have missing email. I bought some stuff from game and the email never turned up to confirm. I just know my re-director for jiva has gone all squiffy and I cant fix it at work. Only at home. DAMN DAMN. I just hope I can find my password etc to get it all sorted out. Hopefully the new games will arrive tomorrow and fit through my letter box other wise I’m going to have to get to the post office before it shuts.

The builders are starting earlier and earlier due to the daylight being lacking. This morning was getting here at 7am and setting off the cement mixer at 7.15. Well you may call me lazy but I don’t need to get up until 7.30. I called the council to find out the law that they stick to and instead they logged a case with the noise abatement team. As the guys who are working on the house next to ours built our house too I’m a bit ill at ease making a complaint, but its my beauty sleep god damn it and I needs it. Having to wake up early on a Monday morning because of the noise is just not cricket. I’d like to see how they would feel if I woke them up 30 minutes early most week days.

I feel moany after all that. Sorry.