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today is a good day

November 22, 2007

a full nights kip and I’m all refreshed. Everything feels like the sun is shining, and I cant seem to stop smiling. I think my emotions are over compensating but I’m not going to complain.

I’ve got the confirmation through from Dragon Hall for hire of the venue for our wedding. Total cost of hire for 1 day: £2,115.00. Now we need to pay the deposit, organize caterers and start on the rest.

HOPEFULLY there are some things we want to cut on costs because I don’t really see the point on spending my entire savings and more on one day. The hall does not need decoration. It is beautiful in its self. My aim is to cut on entertainment by having some friends do music(if they would be so very kind). I will be using a designated bar but that is only £200. I’d like to use one of the designated caterers too.

Mum is covering the dress and Dad with Mum are fronting a grand for that and other clothing for brides maids and champagne. I want to make my own flowers but I need to run some tests on that first. They have to be special if hand made instead of real. Finally because we have some good friends who are flickrites we will hopefully completely avoid paying for a photographer.

🙂 I’m lost in a little world of getting married and for now its great. I’ve been looking at where we can get to by flying from Norwich for our honey moon. It can get complicated because we can transfer at Schiphol.

I even found out there are 6 of us getting married next year in our office. Are we all loved up? you betcha.

PS. while I remember, an Erasmus update. The vet says he’s incredibly impressed by rassies progress. He is suffering a little pain but he has some anti-inflamatory pain killers now instead of aspirin. Within 5 minute from getting back from the vets he was stomping and purring all over me.