felting is fun

November 25, 2007

if not a tad stabby.

This is my first proper creation. I’m happy with it for a first test. I’ve made a few more sheets and pieces of felt but they were not worth photographing. I have most of the tools I need but lacking in one or two items which means I cant make exactly what I want yet. This was firstly a wet felt then cut up and dry needle felted together.

Thems the needles. Yes I have stabbed myself a few times but nothing that stung for more than a moment.

As you can see I managed to get a photo of a sock in progress. I’m liking this pattern. I’ve made these tighter than the last socks because the orange ones fall off my feet now after a few washes.

Cos I’m doing two at at the same time on two needles, both socks are this big, I will never suffer from second sock, and I always know where I made the increases and decreases so a lot less counting goes on. It makes socks JOYOUS to knit, especially when you see how far you’ve got and then remember thats BOTH of them not just one.

One comment

  1. The felting and the sock both look great! I have to get the hang of magic loop….


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