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I’ve been busy

November 29, 2007

work is busy, home is fine, but between cooking and doing the washing and sorting things out I get about an hours sit down knit time of an evening. Apart from that I have very little to report.

Scotty came home from work with a nasty cold last night. He has stayed home today, and he did look watery and ill. I brought him a cup of tea this morning. I just hope he rests up enough to go back tomorrow because he’s got a works party on Saturday and has hired a costume. I’ve taken my best dress to the dry cleaners for pick up tomorrow morning for the same party. I also took my two best coats, both pure wool which needed a good clean. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything dry cleaned before this.

Last night I cooked up a storm to make him feel better. It ended up everything healthy thrown in a pan which worked better than I hoped. I named it Clares quorn and veg coconut Korma with Quinoa and cous cous.  I went past our local veggie shop on the way home and everything in dinner was fresh and good for us. Just what poor Scotty needed. All I can think of today would be snuggling up my two men (Scotty and Erasmus) under a blanket or two with hot tea and toast and generally pampering them both. everyone with me now, aw… You can see it now can’t you. Snuggled up bundles to squish and stroke.