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December 31, 2007

what plans? oh those. Yes well, 2008 IS going to be the best year ever… mainly because I’m going to be married and I’ve got a heck of a lot of organizing to do.

resolutions? to try and not scream like a little girl at anyone who asks me again how my wedding plans are going.

To be completely honest, very little has sparkled in there (my head) to make me want to make any resolutions. Honestly I’ve had an ongoing head ache on and off since before Christmas when I blogged about that migraine. Scotty has had it this week too, not so much the headaches but the dizzy and queasy. Mum has the headaches too, so I guess its just some sort of bug going about.

I drove to Cambridge and back this morning for a meeting for my review with my boss. I was made aware of how thoroughly wonderful I was and to not expect any more praise until I raise the bar a little. message understood and not something to think about now, when I’m waiting to sign off and escape for one more day before normality resumes.

Last night Scotty noticed some litter jammed in Erasmus’s toes. I had to use the tweezers to get it out. It was clean litter but still under the skin around his claws. Not comfortable and not good. So resolution 1 is to take our boy back to the vet for another checkup, just to see if progress is as expected or I have good reason to worry like I always do. The issue is that he seems happy, there’s no keeping him from purring and being happy even when he’s ill.

Anyway. Hope you all had a good year, I wont review my year, it would make me queasy at how wonderful it all was, or I would over self analyse and get all paranoid. All the best for the next year for each and every one of you out there.


happy birthday Erasmus

December 29, 2007

happy birthday Erasmus

Originally uploaded by munkt0n

thanks to Scotty for being star photographer of our little lad. His birthday was 28th, I just posted this a bit late… He had a good day. Playing, eating, sleeping and being cute.

He says meoooeeoow


sockmathics on the brain again

December 28, 2007

now with less added maths.

I’m trying to figure out a way to produce a sock pattern for all knitters toe up, for all sizes and all gauges of thread. I’m getting there and just explaining myself clearly is the issue.

As you can see from this image:

I have managed to get some of it down on paper, I think now is the time to get it all arranged in a more understandable way.

Toe UP all in one sock pattern PART 1:

I use the single cast on method from All extra instructions linked are for English knitting, Continental knitting style videos are also listed at knitting help.

cast on enough stitches that when stretched they match the distance between the big toe and little toe.

Firstly knit through back of loop on first stitch Knit back across these stitches and finally knit through back of loop on last stitch. Then turn upside down and pickup the same number of stitches from the cast on side. I found this a little difficult to start with. I also tend to pick up the last loop of the first stitch to make up complete numbers, sometimes the cast on has one loop less. The stitches will be tight to start with and this is the start of knitting in the round. I find using two circular needles gives me space to move the stitches back on to the wire and pick up with the separate needle. I complete one more row on these new picked up stitches with the same technique as the first half row k1tbl, knit until last stitch K1tbl.

Please let me know if I can make this any clearer. I think that covers the setup of the sock, slightly different to any other toe up cast on I’ve heard of.

From this point start the 2nd round k1tbl m1 left knit to last stitch m1 right, ktbl for last stitch. Do this for both sides of the sock. 3rd round knit all apart from the start and end stitches for each side of the sock which are both ktbl. That makes an increase of 4 stitches every other round.

repeat rows 2 and 3 until sock is desired width to fit over toes. I have found it difficult to gauge this stage, using the paper above in the image I measured across the top of the foot at the root of the toes to get width. Stretch your knitting to measure against the paper and this has helped me get the correct width of foot for the sock recipient. This works for both socks at the same time on two circular needles, making it REALLY easy to know when to change stitch, increase and follow the same pattern for both at the same time.

Then it is up to you the knitter to choose up side and down side. From here knit in the round with pattern on top and plain on bottom until sock reaches center of the arch of the foot.

Part 2 coming soon.


totally in to knitting

December 27, 2007

I’m lost, I’m burried under yarn and needles, I’m surprised Scotty is not sending out search parties and checking my pulse.

I’ve put up the photos of the peacock socks, my sister LOVED them 🙂

These socks are fraternal in colour, it was something I aimed for, I just moved along half a colour repeat on the yarn when starting one of the socks.

I’m just in knitting heaven at the moment with lots of smooshy yarn. I’m at work today and amazingly even though there are only 15 people in the office in total I’ve managed to nearly completely fill the day with useful activity. Like covering reception for lunch where there was only 1 phone call and I completed an inch of gusset on my new cabled heart cascade socks. I would never ever normally knit at work but hey its Christmas and nobody is here. Nobody cares if I find work because there is very little to do.

At least I’m here in body if not spirit. I scored Wellies for Christmas which is fabulous, they are white with lots of bold flowers all over them. Scotty got a wookie cuddly toy, which made the kids day on Christmas day when he did his wookie impression. He does not do it on demand so consider yourself lucky if you ever hear it.

The joy on the faces of my entire family on Christmas day was fabulous. Everyone had a wonderful time and we spent most of the day in mum & dad’s new conservatory, big enough to fit a table of 12 and room for the tree and all the presents. I think it all got a bit much for my dad because he hid in the kitchen for a while, to hide the tears of joy. He’s a strong man but after a year of more cancer worries for my mum it was all so so wonderful.

We also got a kettle that glows blue when sitting there and red when boiling. VERY cool, and you can see the water boiling inside. That was a good 5 minutes spent staring at the new kettle. I wish I had more to tell but we spent yesterday indoors again because its just nice to while its cold out side and we had nothing better to do. There is NO WAY I’m going in to town (city) for the sales, I’ve already been informed its like a rugby scrum out there. *shudder*

So more “work” tomorrow and on Monday but nobody is in the mood to do anything much, which suits me fine!


woO! merry christmas

December 25, 2007

I’ve been sooo lazy but also soooo busy. I’ve knitted like its been a life long need that could not get out of my system. I’ve taken photos of my achievements and some are now wrapped and ready to be gifted having been washed and blocked.

Friday I still felt a little rough but went to the works Christmas party. It was reasonable fun, nice to see everyone happy.

Today our friends M&S (better that way round than the other) popped over, we had lunch, lounged around and did the age old playing of a board game. My 90’s addition of Trivial Pursuit questions are very odd and lead to a long game in which we all shrugged lots.

Just before I show off the knits, I just want to say WOOHOOO ITS CHRISTMAS!! YAY! BOING BOING!

can you tell I’m still 10 inside?

The scarf is from VLT

I lurve it, the posh yarn I used was to die for, it made the knit quick and enjoyable. The pattern is a rose leaf center pattern from Victorian Lace Today book, with a moss stitch border. I knitted until there was almost no yarn left at all. A perfect gift knit.

the newest socks are my own design

This photo does not do these justice. The yarn is thick and smooshy and an rich blood red. Only 52 stitches in the round for the sock, so even though the cables slow me down the rows are shorter than normal. I found an online stitch pattern maker in java. Warning this broke my fire fox on my mac, but works fine in safari. I planned out the cascading cabled hearts and copied off as a jpg. I will make this available at some point soon.

the scarf is “my so called scarf”

This alpaca merino mix is super fat and looks great as an almost camouflage grey scale mind bender. I’m loving these results too. These items are all on Ravelry and of course in my Flickr knitting set.

All the photos for the socks to give to my sister tomorrow are in storage ready to come out.

I wish all of you the best of Christmases, and lots of love.



December 20, 2007

I’ve gone through some stages of a migrane today sick feeling, headache, fuzzy vision. I’m still not right even after a nap.

also I’ve been suffering from static. Those who know me know I have elbow length hair, long blonde and straight. Quite beautiful most of the time. Except when staticated. I can produce enough electric to power a light bulb, I Zap myself and Scotty all the time and even get Erasmus on the nose often. Anyone got any ideas how to fix it?

In other news its the office christmas lunch tomorrow. Much meryment will be had.


We don’t have any decorations…

December 19, 2007

or a Christmas tree. Now most years I was in a tiny flat and it seemed silly with a cat to decorate at all for Christmas. Last year we’d only been in our new house a month so it was just christmasy all over anyway just because of that new feeling. This year now I’m starting to get all that tingly happy christmasy feeling and even the office is all pretty with tinsel, but when I get home, its sad.

IF I had enough time I would try and sort it out, but what with having to pop back to Toys R Us this evening to take stuff back I’m a tad short on time to get it all sorted. I was out at lunch time trying to get presents and finish off those last bits and pieces. I even had to apologise to the scarf recipient that she’s going to have to wait till after Christmas to get it.

I’m also very very picky about what I like hanging up. I loved our old tree at my parents and the decorations had years and years of love from home made items and things gathered through the years. My sister did give me her old little tree but I brought that in to the office so that the cat did not end up “shitting tinsel” Sorry about the language but it sounds right to me.

I do have an answer, and that will be when I do have time I’m going to knit a cat friendly Christmas tree. I’ve seen them about on the web. It would be ideal, no sharp bits, no chewy bits. I could even put catnip in it and make it a super big cat toy.

Oh the ideas, they are flowing like a stream. IF only I had the ability and time to bring them all to fruition. Then there is also the sinking realisation its only 8 months to my wedding and I’ve done diddly squat for that too. I suspect going in to this new year may be great, but also slightly like staring in to some on-coming headlights.


well blow me down with a slight breeze

December 17, 2007

I’ve just been promoted WOOHOO!

I also got a pay rise. 7.2%


have a happy christmas all, this will go a long way to making me feel like my job is worth while way in to the new year. Hope yours is as good too.

final achievement for the day, DVD’s for grannies have both been posted with pretty pictures on them.


oh so busy

December 16, 2007

we’ve done most of the Christmas shopping. I’ve made two dvd’s for my grans for Christmas. All family photos, nothing too flashy just a big slide show.

I’ve completely disassembled and reassembled my old laptop ready for selling on.

Quite a few screws and they all went back in the right places. Spot the reason why it kept over heating.

Also completely formatted and re-loaded with the original copy of xp. I’m mighty proud of myself for that. It just shows I’ve not lost my old touch from when I used to do hardware support.

normal washing and cooking and stuff have also occurred

Knitting. The socks are finished and waiting for ends to be sewn in and a wash and block. I’ve also been knitting on a beautiful posh yarn VLT scarf.

it is so so yummy. A cashmere silk mix that looks slightly cottony but is the softest smooshyest most lovely thing in the whole wide world.

A 7 row pattern repeat.

Oh and Erasmus says mooooaaaooaw


on a cold and frosty morning

December 12, 2007

I’ve been having a few more weird dreams lately. It usually means something in my life is unsettled. I’d say its the fact I’ve still done no Christmas shopping at all.

Despite having strange dreams about boats and sand and sun and adventures in such places when it turns to around minus 4 at night, I’ve woken quite cheery this morning. I wondered about getting out the camera because the sun was so bright but I left it at home so I’m going to have to describe my walk to work instead of show you images. It was mighty frosty and a touch icy. I did slip a little but not enough to fall over.

The rooftops were all white but with a sharpness that comes with frost instead of snow. I’m still crossing everything to get the snow this winter. I so love snow and I want it very much. Thing is in Norfolk you need a specific weather condition of north winds and precipitation coming from Norway for us to get snow. So yeah lots of sharp frost. I’m very happy I dried my hair after a shower so it gave me yet another layer of warmth. The sun sparkled where it hit the frost and step by step I could see rooftops melting off leaving the shape of other rooftops where the sun had been. Getting further in to the city the castle can be seen just on the ramparts from a distance. It was shrouded not in a fog but a steamy mist that shone in the sun and made it look like a fairy tale that you just wanted to walk in to. Also the arts school and some churches were all layered in the warming up of the city. Most spectacular and right now I’m gutted I did not want the weight of the camera to come to work. Next time I’ll get it. Next time.

The socks for my sister are still around 6 rows from being complete. I’ve found the cold is playing havock with my hands in two ways. One, my knuckles and fingers ache more. I find after a few rows of knitting I want to put it down because I use my fingers and hands all day to type and fix things, sometimes they just need a rest.

Also I have snaggy skin around my finger nails. If I use any detergents to do cleaning or washing ( including felt making ) I get sore cuticles and patches of skin on the sides of my thumbs which lift, dry and cause small cuts. They are impossible to live with and pulling them off is even worse. A bit like an eczema but not quite, more of a dermatitis. Last night to combat the cold getting another layer of skin off my rather sore and snaggy fingertips I doused them in around 3 or 4 layers of thickly spread intensive moisturiser. Put on a pair of cotton gloves and went to sleep. I know I woke up in the night and took them off because I found them on the floor this morning. My hands feel lots better but I think I need to do this twice a week while its cold, otherwise abstain from all cleaning and felt making and washing for the foreseeable future. I don’t think I’m going to get away with that, so slap on the moisturiser it is, and hope that Scotty does not ever call me MJ for wearing white gloves in bed again. HUGE turn off.