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felt the learning…

December 3, 2007

I’m a create and learn type. I just keep trying things until I get the results I want.

To that end I have been making felt and trying to construct flowers I’ve not seen done before. I know it must be possible its just how.

On this first piece I have needle felted on to home made felt. Its shabby and terrible colours but it was learning how things layer up and how to apply felt to felt. It works well and now from this I can see how to create layers to build up shapes and styles.

I’ve made lots of different sheets of felt. The green was meant to integrate both colours a bit more but it failed. I had trouble with the fulling process but after using my bamboo rolling mat for sushi, it fixes that problem. The best two sheets here are the off white and the dark blue. The blue and white looks terrible on the blue side. Its not worked at all. This blue and the peach/white sheet both contain silk hankies which are small fine layers of silk placed in during the felting process.

I tried a flower by gathering one small length of fabric. The flower here is made up of two sheets of silk with some light blue merino sandwiched in between. Its cute but not all that.

The biggest flower I made. I love this one although when I put it together the outer layer is on the wrong way round. The purple layer also has a silk layer inside between dark and light purple merino.

Finally I relented and used some of the shop bought white felt to create this flower. By far this is the most successful and I think it may be the way forward. I would need to cut the correct shapes, needle felt the correct colour shadings on the petals and then form. Also it needs tying together, it wont hold on its own like hand made felt. I’m thinking I’m going to need some glue and also some florist wire to be able to stand these on their own stems. The green is home made and hand felted to the petals to hide any ties.

All in all, lots learned and I’m loving the process. Any suggestions on this would be gratefully accepted. I’m all up for a team effort on these.