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well that was exciting.

December 7, 2007

Wednesday afternoon at short notice the tax department invited me to their Christmas dinner because someone was ill and pulled out. Well I’m not one to turn down a free dinner with booze and entertainment.

I left scotty at home and went out to the football ground for a 3 course meal and a comedy club night. It was fantastic fun and I had my fair share of red wine but I’m sure it was not too much. Our tables were right in front of the comedy which meant we were easily picked on but one of the tax team is a star. They picked on Johan and he’s a great sport. They asked what he did for a job, and the entire two work tables hushed, all with a startled look on their faces. I could see what was going through their minds. PLEASE for GODS sake do not say you’re a tax accountant, its easy fodder. Amazingly Johan made the evening with his wit and repartee and over shadowed the comedian himself by saying he was a dolphin trainer. Mass hilarity ensued and the comedian even confirmed that it was the funniest part of the evening, using the employment to make dolphin noises and improve the joke.

Over all a great time was had by all and I’d do it again. They are a great bunch to work with. Now the bad news is that I suffered greatly after the event. I swear I did not drink that much but after getting in at 12.30 and waking up at 3am I was mighty sick. Then when Scotty’s alarm went off at 6am I was sick again, and again at 8am. Now that to me says its not just the booze. Or it could have been an off bottle of wine I was supping from. Well not directly from the bottle, I’m not that uncouth.

Anyway, I made it to work and did what I had to. then as soon as I got home, had a nap and some food. Last night I slept very well and I’m just about fixed again. no knitting done, no christmas shopping done yet, which is starting to worry me a little. No felting done and this weekend is my parents wedding aniversary. I must get them something…