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on a cold and frosty morning

December 12, 2007

I’ve been having a few more weird dreams lately. It usually means something in my life is unsettled. I’d say its the fact I’ve still done no Christmas shopping at all.

Despite having strange dreams about boats and sand and sun and adventures in such places when it turns to around minus 4 at night, I’ve woken quite cheery this morning. I wondered about getting out the camera because the sun was so bright but I left it at home so I’m going to have to describe my walk to work instead of show you images. It was mighty frosty and a touch icy. I did slip a little but not enough to fall over.

The rooftops were all white but with a sharpness that comes with frost instead of snow. I’m still crossing everything to get the snow this winter. I so love snow and I want it very much. Thing is in Norfolk you need a specific weather condition of north winds and precipitation coming from Norway for us to get snow. So yeah lots of sharp frost. I’m very happy I dried my hair after a shower so it gave me yet another layer of warmth. The sun sparkled where it hit the frost and step by step I could see rooftops melting off leaving the shape of other rooftops where the sun had been. Getting further in to the city the castle can be seen just on the ramparts from a distance. It was shrouded not in a fog but a steamy mist that shone in the sun and made it look like a fairy tale that you just wanted to walk in to. Also the arts school and some churches were all layered in the warming up of the city. Most spectacular and right now I’m gutted I did not want the weight of the camera to come to work. Next time I’ll get it. Next time.

The socks for my sister are still around 6 rows from being complete. I’ve found the cold is playing havock with my hands in two ways. One, my knuckles and fingers ache more. I find after a few rows of knitting I want to put it down because I use my fingers and hands all day to type and fix things, sometimes they just need a rest.

Also I have snaggy skin around my finger nails. If I use any detergents to do cleaning or washing ( including felt making ) I get sore cuticles and patches of skin on the sides of my thumbs which lift, dry and cause small cuts. They are impossible to live with and pulling them off is even worse. A bit like an eczema but not quite, more of a dermatitis. Last night to combat the cold getting another layer of skin off my rather sore and snaggy fingertips I doused them in around 3 or 4 layers of thickly spread intensive moisturiser. Put on a pair of cotton gloves and went to sleep. I know I woke up in the night and took them off because I found them on the floor this morning. My hands feel lots better but I think I need to do this twice a week while its cold, otherwise abstain from all cleaning and felt making and washing for the foreseeable future. I don’t think I’m going to get away with that, so slap on the moisturiser it is, and hope that Scotty does not ever call me MJ for wearing white gloves in bed again. HUGE turn off.