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oh so busy

December 16, 2007

we’ve done most of the Christmas shopping. I’ve made two dvd’s for my grans for Christmas. All family photos, nothing too flashy just a big slide show.

I’ve completely disassembled and reassembled my old laptop ready for selling on.

Quite a few screws and they all went back in the right places. Spot the reason why it kept over heating.

Also completely formatted and re-loaded with the original copy of xp. I’m mighty proud of myself for that. It just shows I’ve not lost my old touch from when I used to do hardware support.

normal washing and cooking and stuff have also occurred

Knitting. The socks are finished and waiting for ends to be sewn in and a wash and block. I’ve also been knitting on a beautiful posh yarn VLT scarf.

it is so so yummy. A cashmere silk mix that looks slightly cottony but is the softest smooshyest most lovely thing in the whole wide world.

A 7 row pattern repeat.

Oh and Erasmus says mooooaaaooaw