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We don’t have any decorations…

December 19, 2007

or a Christmas tree. Now most years I was in a tiny flat and it seemed silly with a cat to decorate at all for Christmas. Last year we’d only been in our new house a month so it was just christmasy all over anyway just because of that new feeling. This year now I’m starting to get all that tingly happy christmasy feeling and even the office is all pretty with tinsel, but when I get home, its sad.

IF I had enough time I would try and sort it out, but what with having to pop back to Toys R Us this evening to take stuff back I’m a tad short on time to get it all sorted. I was out at lunch time trying to get presents and finish off those last bits and pieces. I even had to apologise to the scarf recipient that she’s going to have to wait till after Christmas to get it.

I’m also very very picky about what I like hanging up. I loved our old tree at my parents and the decorations had years and years of love from home made items and things gathered through the years. My sister did give me her old little tree but I brought that in to the office so that the cat did not end up “shitting tinsel” Sorry about the language but it sounds right to me.

I do have an answer, and that will be when I do have time I’m going to knit a cat friendly Christmas tree. I’ve seen them about on the web. It would be ideal, no sharp bits, no chewy bits. I could even put catnip in it and make it a super big cat toy.

Oh the ideas, they are flowing like a stream. IF only I had the ability and time to bring them all to fruition. Then there is also the sinking realisation its only 8 months to my wedding and I’ve done diddly squat for that too. I suspect going in to this new year may be great, but also slightly like staring in to some on-coming headlights.