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woO! merry christmas

December 25, 2007

I’ve been sooo lazy but also soooo busy. I’ve knitted like its been a life long need that could not get out of my system. I’ve taken photos of my achievements and some are now wrapped and ready to be gifted having been washed and blocked.

Friday I still felt a little rough but went to the works Christmas party. It was reasonable fun, nice to see everyone happy.

Today our friends M&S (better that way round than the other) popped over, we had lunch, lounged around and did the age old playing of a board game. My 90’s addition of Trivial Pursuit questions are very odd and lead to a long game in which we all shrugged lots.

Just before I show off the knits, I just want to say WOOHOOO ITS CHRISTMAS!! YAY! BOING BOING!

can you tell I’m still 10 inside?

The scarf is from VLT

I lurve it, the posh yarn I used was to die for, it made the knit quick and enjoyable. The pattern is a rose leaf center pattern from Victorian Lace Today book, with a moss stitch border. I knitted until there was almost no yarn left at all. A perfect gift knit.

the newest socks are my own design

This photo does not do these justice. The yarn is thick and smooshy and an rich blood red. Only 52 stitches in the round for the sock, so even though the cables slow me down the rows are shorter than normal. I found an online stitch pattern maker in java. Warning this broke my fire fox on my mac, but works fine in safari. I planned out the cascading cabled hearts and copied off as a jpg. I will make this available at some point soon.

the scarf is “my so called scarf”

This alpaca merino mix is super fat and looks great as an almost camouflage grey scale mind bender. I’m loving these results too. These items are all on Ravelry and of course in my Flickr knitting set.

All the photos for the socks to give to my sister tomorrow are in storage ready to come out.

I wish all of you the best of Christmases, and lots of love.