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totally in to knitting

December 27, 2007

I’m lost, I’m burried under yarn and needles, I’m surprised Scotty is not sending out search parties and checking my pulse.

I’ve put up the photos of the peacock socks, my sister LOVED them 🙂

These socks are fraternal in colour, it was something I aimed for, I just moved along half a colour repeat on the yarn when starting one of the socks.

I’m just in knitting heaven at the moment with lots of smooshy yarn. I’m at work today and amazingly even though there are only 15 people in the office in total I’ve managed to nearly completely fill the day with useful activity. Like covering reception for lunch where there was only 1 phone call and I completed an inch of gusset on my new cabled heart cascade socks. I would never ever normally knit at work but hey its Christmas and nobody is here. Nobody cares if I find work because there is very little to do.

At least I’m here in body if not spirit. I scored Wellies for Christmas which is fabulous, they are white with lots of bold flowers all over them. Scotty got a wookie cuddly toy, which made the kids day on Christmas day when he did his wookie impression. He does not do it on demand so consider yourself lucky if you ever hear it.

The joy on the faces of my entire family on Christmas day was fabulous. Everyone had a wonderful time and we spent most of the day in mum & dad’s new conservatory, big enough to fit a table of 12 and room for the tree and all the presents. I think it all got a bit much for my dad because he hid in the kitchen for a while, to hide the tears of joy. He’s a strong man but after a year of more cancer worries for my mum it was all so so wonderful.

We also got a kettle that glows blue when sitting there and red when boiling. VERY cool, and you can see the water boiling inside. That was a good 5 minutes spent staring at the new kettle. I wish I had more to tell but we spent yesterday indoors again because its just nice to while its cold out side and we had nothing better to do. There is NO WAY I’m going in to town (city) for the sales, I’ve already been informed its like a rugby scrum out there. *shudder*

So more “work” tomorrow and on Monday but nobody is in the mood to do anything much, which suits me fine!