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sockmathics on the brain again

December 28, 2007

now with less added maths.

I’m trying to figure out a way to produce a sock pattern for all knitters toe up, for all sizes and all gauges of thread. I’m getting there and just explaining myself clearly is the issue.

As you can see from this image:

I have managed to get some of it down on paper, I think now is the time to get it all arranged in a more understandable way.

Toe UP all in one sock pattern PART 1:

I use the single cast on method from All extra instructions linked are for English knitting, Continental knitting style videos are also listed at knitting help.

cast on enough stitches that when stretched they match the distance between the big toe and little toe.

Firstly knit through back of loop on first stitch Knit back across these stitches and finally knit through back of loop on last stitch. Then turn upside down and pickup the same number of stitches from the cast on side. I found this a little difficult to start with. I also tend to pick up the last loop of the first stitch to make up complete numbers, sometimes the cast on has one loop less. The stitches will be tight to start with and this is the start of knitting in the round. I find using two circular needles gives me space to move the stitches back on to the wire and pick up with the separate needle. I complete one more row on these new picked up stitches with the same technique as the first half row k1tbl, knit until last stitch K1tbl.

Please let me know if I can make this any clearer. I think that covers the setup of the sock, slightly different to any other toe up cast on I’ve heard of.

From this point start the 2nd round k1tbl m1 left knit to last stitch m1 right, ktbl for last stitch. Do this for both sides of the sock. 3rd round knit all apart from the start and end stitches for each side of the sock which are both ktbl. That makes an increase of 4 stitches every other round.

repeat rows 2 and 3 until sock is desired width to fit over toes. I have found it difficult to gauge this stage, using the paper above in the image I measured across the top of the foot at the root of the toes to get width. Stretch your knitting to measure against the paper and this has helped me get the correct width of foot for the sock recipient. This works for both socks at the same time on two circular needles, making it REALLY easy to know when to change stitch, increase and follow the same pattern for both at the same time.

Then it is up to you the knitter to choose up side and down side. From here knit in the round with pattern on top and plain on bottom until sock reaches center of the arch of the foot.

Part 2 coming soon.