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December 31, 2007

what plans? oh those. Yes well, 2008 IS going to be the best year ever… mainly because I’m going to be married and I’ve got a heck of a lot of organizing to do.

resolutions? to try and not scream like a little girl at anyone who asks me again how my wedding plans are going.

To be completely honest, very little has sparkled in there (my head) to make me want to make any resolutions. Honestly I’ve had an ongoing head ache on and off since before Christmas when I blogged about that migraine. Scotty has had it this week too, not so much the headaches but the dizzy and queasy. Mum has the headaches too, so I guess its just some sort of bug going about.

I drove to Cambridge and back this morning for a meeting for my review with my boss. I was made aware of how thoroughly wonderful I was and to not expect any more praise until I raise the bar a little. message understood and not something to think about now, when I’m waiting to sign off and escape for one more day before normality resumes.

Last night Scotty noticed some litter jammed in Erasmus’s toes. I had to use the tweezers to get it out. It was clean litter but still under the skin around his claws. Not comfortable and not good. So resolution 1 is to take our boy back to the vet for another checkup, just to see if progress is as expected or I have good reason to worry like I always do. The issue is that he seems happy, there’s no keeping him from purring and being happy even when he’s ill.

Anyway. Hope you all had a good year, I wont review my year, it would make me queasy at how wonderful it all was, or I would over self analyse and get all paranoid. All the best for the next year for each and every one of you out there.