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well blow me down with a slight breeze

December 17, 2007

I’ve just been promoted WOOHOO!

I also got a pay rise. 7.2%


have a happy christmas all, this will go a long way to making me feel like my job is worth while way in to the new year. Hope yours is as good too.

final achievement for the day, DVD’s for grannies have both been posted with pretty pictures on them.


oh so busy

December 16, 2007

we’ve done most of the Christmas shopping. I’ve made two dvd’s for my grans for Christmas. All family photos, nothing too flashy just a big slide show.

I’ve completely disassembled and reassembled my old laptop ready for selling on.

Quite a few screws and they all went back in the right places. Spot the reason why it kept over heating.

Also completely formatted and re-loaded with the original copy of xp. I’m mighty proud of myself for that. It just shows I’ve not lost my old touch from when I used to do hardware support.

normal washing and cooking and stuff have also occurred

Knitting. The socks are finished and waiting for ends to be sewn in and a wash and block. I’ve also been knitting on a beautiful posh yarn VLT scarf.

it is so so yummy. A cashmere silk mix that looks slightly cottony but is the softest smooshyest most lovely thing in the whole wide world.

A 7 row pattern repeat.

Oh and Erasmus says mooooaaaooaw


on a cold and frosty morning

December 12, 2007

I’ve been having a few more weird dreams lately. It usually means something in my life is unsettled. I’d say its the fact I’ve still done no Christmas shopping at all.

Despite having strange dreams about boats and sand and sun and adventures in such places when it turns to around minus 4 at night, I’ve woken quite cheery this morning. I wondered about getting out the camera because the sun was so bright but I left it at home so I’m going to have to describe my walk to work instead of show you images. It was mighty frosty and a touch icy. I did slip a little but not enough to fall over.

The rooftops were all white but with a sharpness that comes with frost instead of snow. I’m still crossing everything to get the snow this winter. I so love snow and I want it very much. Thing is in Norfolk you need a specific weather condition of north winds and precipitation coming from Norway for us to get snow. So yeah lots of sharp frost. I’m very happy I dried my hair after a shower so it gave me yet another layer of warmth. The sun sparkled where it hit the frost and step by step I could see rooftops melting off leaving the shape of other rooftops where the sun had been. Getting further in to the city the castle can be seen just on the ramparts from a distance. It was shrouded not in a fog but a steamy mist that shone in the sun and made it look like a fairy tale that you just wanted to walk in to. Also the arts school and some churches were all layered in the warming up of the city. Most spectacular and right now I’m gutted I did not want the weight of the camera to come to work. Next time I’ll get it. Next time.

The socks for my sister are still around 6 rows from being complete. I’ve found the cold is playing havock with my hands in two ways. One, my knuckles and fingers ache more. I find after a few rows of knitting I want to put it down because I use my fingers and hands all day to type and fix things, sometimes they just need a rest.

Also I have snaggy skin around my finger nails. If I use any detergents to do cleaning or washing ( including felt making ) I get sore cuticles and patches of skin on the sides of my thumbs which lift, dry and cause small cuts. They are impossible to live with and pulling them off is even worse. A bit like an eczema but not quite, more of a dermatitis. Last night to combat the cold getting another layer of skin off my rather sore and snaggy fingertips I doused them in around 3 or 4 layers of thickly spread intensive moisturiser. Put on a pair of cotton gloves and went to sleep. I know I woke up in the night and took them off because I found them on the floor this morning. My hands feel lots better but I think I need to do this twice a week while its cold, otherwise abstain from all cleaning and felt making and washing for the foreseeable future. I don’t think I’m going to get away with that, so slap on the moisturiser it is, and hope that Scotty does not ever call me MJ for wearing white gloves in bed again. HUGE turn off.



December 10, 2007

My sister just popped over on Saturday with her kids and husband. It was lovely, Ewan and Bethan played on the wii and Louise tried the socks on. I made her shut her eyes because hopefully they will be her Christmas socks. There is just the ribbing to complete so there will be no further update on the socks until Christmas because they are now designated as a present and therefore will not be seen before giving.

Also made some more felt on Saturday, still trying to get it right and getting annoyed with the fibers limitations. I need some other fibers and some strengthening ideas. Its all a matter of time, energy and parts. I’ve got none of those right now.

Sunday was Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary party. They have had a lot done to their new house and it looks great. It was lovely to see everyone and it will be even better over there when we can all go and sit in their new conservatory. Its there now but with no heating or flooring. The twins were there but poor little Tommy was a brave soldier but mighty ill. He had chicken pox and the slightest thing said to him meant he broke down completely. A sad sight for such a happy little chap. He pulled it together most of the time. Izzy was wonderful around him and understanding at his illness.

I started knitting a new lacy scarf. I’m not quite sure who it is for. It all depends closer to the finish time. The pattern is from VLT (Victorian lace today), the yarn is posh yarn. Eva 4ply. I only have one skein so its only one bramble leaf lace repeat with a small border. the width is around 20cm and I’ll knit until I run out. I must admit the yarn is so super soft and squishy and beautiful to work with. Half cashmere, half silk, it is to DIE for. Please get yourself over to posh yarn and go and buy some NOW. Its an order, mainly so I don’t have to buy any more, I want more, believe me. I just cant afford it.


well that was exciting.

December 7, 2007

Wednesday afternoon at short notice the tax department invited me to their Christmas dinner because someone was ill and pulled out. Well I’m not one to turn down a free dinner with booze and entertainment.

I left scotty at home and went out to the football ground for a 3 course meal and a comedy club night. It was fantastic fun and I had my fair share of red wine but I’m sure it was not too much. Our tables were right in front of the comedy which meant we were easily picked on but one of the tax team is a star. They picked on Johan and he’s a great sport. They asked what he did for a job, and the entire two work tables hushed, all with a startled look on their faces. I could see what was going through their minds. PLEASE for GODS sake do not say you’re a tax accountant, its easy fodder. Amazingly Johan made the evening with his wit and repartee and over shadowed the comedian himself by saying he was a dolphin trainer. Mass hilarity ensued and the comedian even confirmed that it was the funniest part of the evening, using the employment to make dolphin noises and improve the joke.

Over all a great time was had by all and I’d do it again. They are a great bunch to work with. Now the bad news is that I suffered greatly after the event. I swear I did not drink that much but after getting in at 12.30 and waking up at 3am I was mighty sick. Then when Scotty’s alarm went off at 6am I was sick again, and again at 8am. Now that to me says its not just the booze. Or it could have been an off bottle of wine I was supping from. Well not directly from the bottle, I’m not that uncouth.

Anyway, I made it to work and did what I had to. then as soon as I got home, had a nap and some food. Last night I slept very well and I’m just about fixed again. no knitting done, no christmas shopping done yet, which is starting to worry me a little. No felting done and this weekend is my parents wedding aniversary. I must get them something…


felt the learning…

December 3, 2007

I’m a create and learn type. I just keep trying things until I get the results I want.

To that end I have been making felt and trying to construct flowers I’ve not seen done before. I know it must be possible its just how.

On this first piece I have needle felted on to home made felt. Its shabby and terrible colours but it was learning how things layer up and how to apply felt to felt. It works well and now from this I can see how to create layers to build up shapes and styles.

I’ve made lots of different sheets of felt. The green was meant to integrate both colours a bit more but it failed. I had trouble with the fulling process but after using my bamboo rolling mat for sushi, it fixes that problem. The best two sheets here are the off white and the dark blue. The blue and white looks terrible on the blue side. Its not worked at all. This blue and the peach/white sheet both contain silk hankies which are small fine layers of silk placed in during the felting process.

I tried a flower by gathering one small length of fabric. The flower here is made up of two sheets of silk with some light blue merino sandwiched in between. Its cute but not all that.

The biggest flower I made. I love this one although when I put it together the outer layer is on the wrong way round. The purple layer also has a silk layer inside between dark and light purple merino.

Finally I relented and used some of the shop bought white felt to create this flower. By far this is the most successful and I think it may be the way forward. I would need to cut the correct shapes, needle felt the correct colour shadings on the petals and then form. Also it needs tying together, it wont hold on its own like hand made felt. I’m thinking I’m going to need some glue and also some florist wire to be able to stand these on their own stems. The green is home made and hand felted to the petals to hide any ties.

All in all, lots learned and I’m loving the process. Any suggestions on this would be gratefully accepted. I’m all up for a team effort on these.