where did that go?

January 6, 2008

work has been busy, I’ve been out most lunch times getting stuff sorted. I’ve now paid the deposit for our wedding. Starting to think about how it should all pan out. I’ve booked with the registrar for us to both give notice. Poetically I booked it on my birthday so Scotty has to take the day off to spend it with me.

Erasmus is booked in to the vets next friday for another check up. Another day off, although this is my “free day” from Christmas.

Started a pair of super tight mitts for someone at work. They are all black and I’m going for a channel style look, long and slinky.

I’m at stalemate with the socks fighting with myself whether to make them short or long. There are many reasons for and against. I just cant decide so they sit unfinished, and therefore unpublished.

finally a long awaited stash parcel arrived. I so have to stop spending soon!


  1. Hooray!

    Venue and registrar (make sure these are definitely booked for same day)

    Registrar’s fee

    Couple of witnesses



    Everything else is as important as you make it and therefore requires no stressing out 🙂

  2. It feels both brilliant and weird knowing I am getting married this year, does it for you?

  3. oh yes, quite quite scary that I have to arrange all my own party but wonderful to know Scotty will be mine permanantly 😀

  4. Until that moment when the stranger comes running into the registry office yelling that Scott is still married to her 😉

  5. Thankfully his parents have put me at ease on that one.

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