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love and hate of the knit

January 21, 2008

Happy birthday to my big brother. Poor fella has the most depressing day of the year as his birthday. How unfair is that?

The cable heart cascade socks are finished all bar blocking and ends. I love them and I hate them at the same time. My challenge was to get them to knee highs and use up a whole ball of yarn. It did not happen. I got half way up the calf and had to rip back 4 rows, or 5 rows and at one point 11 rows. Not once did it work, the pattern became wonky or far too ambitious for my talents. Then finally I bit it and realised, I’d never ever wear them as knee highs anyway and ripped back the whole 3 to 4 inches and back to the ankle. I’ve left in the heel twist at the back and done 10 rows of ribbing and cast off. Then I hid them in the back of my knitting back to be dealt with mere moments before I want to wear them. Then it may just feel like an achievement instead of a cheats way out.

I wanted to cast on and get the love and buzz back for knitting. I set myself a few rules which completely scuppered any way of being able to fall in love again with something new. I need a hat scarf and gloves. Therefore I should knit myself some, what else would a knitter do? Then I set another rule, I want them to match. Then another rule, Save the nice yarn.. The stuff that is still in skein is almost all ear marked, too beautiful to bind up in to a cake yet, make sure its still there and saved for very special and try and use up some of the stash thats ready to knit.

I hate myself for it, I tied myself in to a position that meant I cast on for around 10 items yesterday and all of them were ripped out by the time I realised it was not quite what I want, anything from two rows on a hat brim (cast on of 120st)to 15 rows in to a scarf. Le bugger, and Le sigh, and Le arse, Le hurumph. Thats one way to go to bed not satisfied.

Saturday was more productive. Scotty and I met up with mum and dad at B&Q the local hardware emporium. We managed to get most of what we wanted like light bulbs including some quite stunning wall paper samples that would be just perfect scaled down to make invites.

Mum and I went to the dress maker and decided on a few things. The dress now will not start until April time. This gives me time to loose a few extra lb’s. Which amazingly without trying for the first time in my life, the lb’s seem to be hoofing out the back door without even saying good bye or waiting for me to kick them on the way out. I weighed myself this morning, I’m 4lb’s less than the last time I bragged about loosing weight on here. I do tend to weigh myself in the morning (the once in the blue moon when I do) which means its less than the rest of the day, but today I also had a towel on my head a a soppy wet mound of hair which is good for a couple of lb’s. Achievement!

Another aside, I had the most exasperating visit to John Lewis yesterday. I went to spend some vouchers, got wound up. Almost screamed and strangled several old ladies and promptly exploded and aimed it at Scotty when I left the vouchers at home. I struggle shopping with “men” as a whole at the best of times. I cant stand them wondering off and being non committal, and un-supportive and totally unaware that I was about to panic and scream and slap someone for stopping in my path AGAIN making me nearly fall over the old biddy that just cant walk in a straight line. I know it sounds a little highly strung but… yeah but, I’m nice, I’m calm in shops on my own but if I have to guide a man to help me spend shared christmas money I need his help. Not for him to stand around waiting for me to guide him through furnature, people and stuff that would not interest even me unless I needed it. That said we understand how it works, next time we split the vouchers and I’ll go and get useful stuff and send him to ogle technology.

Still, just to clear all this up, I do hate moaning especially here. I hate doing it myself and I have little time for moaners out there in the real world. Please feel free to virtual slap me in to touch via comment.