too much choice, and not enough inspiration

January 25, 2008

So here is the most part of my stash. Click on the image to go to the flickr page, it has notes on most of the images and also links underneath to the original images, which in some cases have even more notes.

Now i have all this stash for a reason. To knit with it. Except my inspiration has gone. I do love fondling all of it but I still want that hat scarf and gloves for myself. I’m just not quite sure what to start on, which yarn, which pattern. I am bereft of knitting mojo and it hurts. Please help, send patterns and consider that my fingers are going stiff with boredom the longer you take to make a comment.

I do owe my blog some images of the fluff that I got from yoyo the other day. The issue and my fair excuse for it not appearing yet is that I go to work and get home in darkness. By the time I’m home or before I leave for work its still not nice enough to take quality photos of the fluff to do it justice. Hopefully this weekend will give me the time and achieve this. Also as the knitting mojo has left me and decided to shack up with kate moss (god damn I hate her for even trying knitting) which is just so unfair! Please, she gets the looks, the money, the shape and the knitting? Still I’m rather happy knowing I’ve not got some of the notches on my bed post that shes got. Give or take Johnny Depp of course.

Anyway, we have a birthday party to attend on Saturday for the twins. That will be fun and also one we will attend late so we dont have 4 hours of dealing with around 10 to 20 2 year olds. Apart from that I would like to try and dedicate my weekend to felting and flower progress. At least that is something I can do that ms Moss can not. Ha take that! In your face! because I’m the better person

oh yes.


  1. Kate Moss has ‘taken up knitting’?? Ha! Not really sure what to say to that!

    I’m going to look through your stash on Ravelry and see if I can suggest a couple of patterns…


  2. cheers honey. and yeah I hope she drops it again soon. Cant be doing with the waif.

  3. Carrying around a My First Knitting Kit in a chanel bag to try and convince everyone that you are ‘turning a new leaf’ (except for those people who you want to continue to think of you as a party girl) is not the same thing as being a knitter. It’s mucking about with your image. Ms Moss is good at mucking about with her image. She’s made a living out of it for years. It’s still not what I would describe as THE most important life skill, or indicative of any practical talent or aptitude.

    As for the next project, my advice would be: do basic socks with a bit of the stash, while you are looking for a suitable hat/scarf/gloves set. When you find a suitable pattern for the hat/scarf/gloves, then buy the yarn for that specifically as I daresay you’ll need more than a couple of skeins.

    The trouble is that you can’t really start on a gorgeous jumper or baby blanket or similar when you only have one skein of the yarny.

  4. So many lovely yarns! You have to begin knitting now! 1, 2, 3 GO!!! 😉

  5. you are correct, and socks have been cast on. A work friend with the same size feet as me looked at my green variegated yarn and nearly drooled. the mojo is back for a bit 😀

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