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bye bye my love

January 30, 2008

bye bye my love

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I got home to find his front leg limp like the back leg was before. It was cold, and numb. We rushed to the vets and he said the best thing for him not to suffer was to leave us. We knew he had a heart condition and the medicines were helping before but this time they were not. Even if we did keep him alive it would be only to happen again. We left him at the vets at 7pm this evening. I’m still a bit numb but it was best for him.

I will miss him. The best cat ever.


one week to go

January 30, 2008

before I exit my twenties. Meep! I don’t wanna, you cant make me be an adult or responsible or old.

The cable heart socks have been gifted to their new life partner. I’m sad to see them go but now I know the yarn felts I’ve got enough to make another pair.

all in all little to report, so many things to do, and getting nowhere. I feel strange today quite melancholy.