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joy upon joy

February 29, 2008

firstly Jasper is well. Last night we took away any biscuits and gave only wet food which is fish and meat based but not chicken to both cats. As Otis is a walking trash cat that will eat bread, cheese, yoghurt, fish and or almost anything food like placed in front of him we knew he would eat fine. Jasper has unwillingly taken soft meaty food and half a battered cod (without batter).

He has passed stool, it is solid and its in the litter tray. This brings me as much joy as the other thing I’ve been going on about which is my new car. It’s on my drive at the moment and looking spangly, sporty and cute. I’m so going to have to go for a drive in a bit.

So yeah my leap day is good. I hope that all my leap days are this good. I’m sad that they don’t come round too often.



February 28, 2008

time to tighten that money belt.

I’ve gone and listed a couple of things on ebay. Its the first time I’ve done this so here’s hoping it all works. please visit my items and bid furiously: nintendo DS lite white and sqeezebox

Let me know if those links do not work. I’m sure at some point the session ID will time out and the link will break.

We’re still up to our eyeballs in cat doo, mainly runny and splattered all over the place. All from one cat, Otis is fine. We’re not happy at all and Scotty in a mood is not to be sniffed at by any cat. Poor Jasper really got the raw end of Scotty’s anger this morning. To the point that Jasper ran upstairs and peed on the kitchen floor. At this point I know he’s not happy and telling him off and rubbing Jaspers nose in it is not resolving the situation. I really need some more time at home to sort him out. I do worry about our boys. I don’t want them to be ill. I have booked vets and got all the care instructions I can from the rescue place we got them from. At least now I know what I need to do. Its all a matter of applying it.

In good news, the new car is coming home tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been bouncing about at home dancing and singing “new toy! new toy!”

I’m still worried about mum too. This week is going to be tough for her and I think I may just take a drive out to see her anyway. I saw mum yesterday after her chemo and she looked happy if a little tired. She gave me the silk for my wedding dress which means I now have to book another appointment with my dress maker to get it to her.

Then back on to the wedding we’ve near as dammit got numbers for the event. It looks like around 80. Now we have to do invites and catering. These are daunting me a little but I’m sure at some point I’ll bite the bullet and dig in and get it done.

Finally I’ve found myself too tired to knit of an evening so I’ve been adding to the games I like on-line links section on the bottom right of this page. Go and play some. Them’s good for passing an evening when I’m tired.


Got to love family sundays

February 26, 2008

This post should have been written on Sunday evening. Now I can hardly remember half of what went on. Plus FAR FAR too much has happened since.

SO anyway Sunday we went off to my parents up on the coast. We had a lovely day. Took the kids all down to the sea front to play on the two pence machines with all the spare change we’d gathered from the house. I think it was over £10 but its not missed because it was all gathered change and everyone enjoyed themselves, still cheaper than buying everyone icecreams. Lunch was delicious and mum cooked up a storm for everyone. The entire clan turned up so there were 15 round the table. Thing is, this is probably the last time we do that for a while because mum has to go back to chemotherapy tomorrow. boo!

I also got back home on Sunday night in time to purchase some yarn from posh yarn. I LOVE her stuff. It is quite fabulous and I can recommend it to any knitter. She mainly does sales on Sunday nights, so get in now if there is anything left because there wont be an update next week.

Saturday I nipped to the shops and bought Gran a hyacinth. She loved it. I also found some “worlds best cat litter” which is bio degradable and flush-able! wow, it really works. I’m just trying to get our boys used to it. They are settling down well now and I think they are happy here in their new home.

Monday I got up early because I remembered I had to go to cover the Cambridge office whilst my colleague took a well earned day off for his birthday. This was something I don’t mind doing but there were quite a few issues.

1, it took me 2 hours to get there. 2, I did a LOT of work 3, by the end of the day I was exhausted and tired because I woke up far too early for me plus all the driving hurt my back and shoulders.

Because of those points I drove my little Honda jazz directly to the Honda dealers when I got back to Norwich and asked what they could do for me. I looked at a few cars, fobbed them off for a bit and asked for them to find me a better price. After going home and checking with Scotty, today I have been called back with a more suitable figure and I’ve paid a deposit on a new car. All a bit fast for me but I’d rather be comfortable with a new car than struggle with that trip to Cambridge again. I’m very very excited because now we will be getting a proper sporty Honda Civic. Not the top of the range but just enough that we can afford it. Driving comfort here we come!

So yeah, lots happening and no knitting, boo! Its not that I don’t want to, its time to do it, clean, tidy, cook, eat, look after the cats, sleep and work, organisation and bills are all getting in the way. Hopefully this weekend I can knuckle down to it and finish off a few things.

Looks like its all a bit expensive. It is, what with payments towards the wedding, the car, not having paid the vet yet for Erasmus and then yarn on top. I think I’m going to have to cut up all my plastic as soon as I get all my bills up to date 🙂 good thing I’ve got savings, although they wont last for ever its nice to spend sometimes. At least I feel like all of these things are going to make life better in the long run.


today we have

February 22, 2008

cats in bag

Scotty bought himself a play station 3 for his birthday.  This is the bag it came in. Quite large. Hopefully you can get an idea at the size of our boys.. they are huge for only 10 months old.

No knitting achieved, nothing but rest when not at work. Although I do feel almost well again now. I’m off to play with my kitties.


written orf

February 19, 2008

well yesterday was. I called in sick and spent the day watching antiques and auction shows interspersed with house and home buying shows. slowly dribbling in to a pillow and occasional napping. I didn’t even pick up the needles. I was proper sick with a cold that just made me dizzy when I sat up. I made sure I ate, and drank lots of water and juice and tea and lemsips.

Both our boys looked after me well and napped next to me almost taking it in turns. Today I am back in the office and bimbling along with a slightly fuzzy head but nothing I cant cope with. Tomorrow I have the day off for Scotty’s birthday and I’ve not got him anything yet so we need to spend the day finding him a suitable birthday present. Apart from that there is almost nothing to report. I’m tired but that is because I slept most of yesterday afternoon and all last night. So yeah, Monday completely written off and wondering where it all went. I do hate the fact that a cold can make me so useless all I can do is dribble in to a pillow, but hey I’m on the mend and hopefully fully functioning soon.

damn. I’ve just been reminded I’ve forgotten one Grandma’s birthday which can only be saved by a present on Sunday and my other Gran will be getting a card as soon as I can find her address. oh dither.



February 17, 2008

We took our boys out to the cat rescue center near north walsham. They behaved beautifully and were chipped with no issues. They got on fine with everyone they met and we gave a donation for letting us have them. This morning poor Jasper had a very bad time going to the toilet, although happier in himself he was very messy. Both cats had a shower which went better than I expected, a few small howls and wriggling but no where near as bad as Erasmus was. Then I’ve given Jasper a short back and tail with some scissors. Not the best hair cut ever, but at least he will stay clean and tidy for a little while.

Apart from that all I’ve done all weekend is snot, hide under a blanket and knit.

well, almost just that. I did take some lovely photos of Jasper and Otis.

I’ve turned the heel on both socks and am on the home run with the leg. I’ve also done half a pair of cream mitts for a friend at work. I’m glad I’ve not got out much. I’ve stayed close to the tissues.


mmm tea

February 15, 2008

its great.

I went for a dress measurement on Wednesday night, it went well. We have a good design down now, almost completely different to what I first asked for but more what I would like to look like. I have asked the dress maker to make my whole dress except for a light shrug which I will wear over the top. I’ve not told mum yet because she’s on holiday and wont get back until tonight. She will be fine about it and I think it will work out for the best. I’ve got a price down to £800 which for a hand made dress I think is a bargain. It may be a little much for most but for me it works. We are supplying most of the material but I think it works out fair for the time the dress maker will have to put in.

Right now I’m full of fluey cold, I’m at work but I may have to go home if I feel any worse, we’ll see. Yesterday I just did not feel the love of valentines, both me and scotty are tired and worn down from broken sleep due to the new cats and a cold and generally a bit snotty and fuzzy. We did huddle in front of the TV for a bit but it was not really romantic, hopefully next week when we both have a day off for Scotty’s birthday we can cheer things up then.

I think we need this weekend to rest. One thing we need to do is get our boys chipped which is planned for tomorrow lunch time. They have managed to hit the target this morning, yesterday was another poo fiasco. I had 3 presents left for me to clean up. Scotty gave both the boys a lesson in using the toilet last night which I think may have helped. Which was after he found one of them had peed on the rubber mat.

Apart from that I think I’m going to sleep for England this weekend, wake me when its time to watch antiques road show.



February 13, 2008

did someone start today without warning me? I just cant seem to get out of that yawny tired bit of today.

Anyway last night our boys were good. Although this morning we had the same poo litter situation again of using the door mat instead of the litter tray so I have done my best to resolve it:

Insert some pipe lagging rubber, give them two trays and hope that they have got the hint. Thats our back door to our very small garden and does not get used much in the winter. Come the summer we can move the trays asside whilst we nip out for a bit of sun shine and a bbq.

I’ve uploaded a load of photos from the weekend onwards. The play in the woods on Saturday:

Spot the Scotty hiding.

Then a few plant photos in the sunshine, some knitting stuff I just did not get around to photographing before and yes some more photos of our cats.

So scoot, get on over to flickr and oggle at my wonderful photography skills, or not. Its up to you. I’m too tired to be worried about it.


I phoned up the vets

February 12, 2008

yesterday to see why they had not contacted me about the bill for Erasmus’s cremation. They said they still had him, waiting for me to call. That put a little lump in my throat. Poor fella, having his body wait around for me to get my act together. Anyway I ordered the individual cremation so that we can have him back and scatter his ashes somewhere he would have loved to go. Somewhere grassy but protected from the wind. Somewhere his very loud and long meows will be heard by those who would stop a moment to rest.

Anyway before all that has me in tears because he is still thoroughly missed, I got home last night to another poo fiasco. This time both of our lovely new boys managed to figure out where the litter tray was and pooped two feet away from it on the edge of the door mat. The coir mat, as I just looked up what type it is, is recessed in to our laminated floor. It lifts but they managed to poo half on the mat and half on the laminate. I did try to move the mess but then found out that it was still fresh and far too squidgy to move. *queue minor retching from smell*

I disappeared up stairs and left Scotty to deal with it when he got in. Then I watched Otis down a full pouch of cat food and half a filet of smoked mackerel. Jasper is a lot more restrained in his food and only eats dry biscuits. He also likes the mackerel so its a nice treat for them as it was the first full day we had left them home alone. Otis is the sporty one and very very quick at hunting. He has been let out before so holding him indoors is a little more of a struggle although he’s coping fine right now. I’m mighty tempted to cat proof our back garden and put in a cat flap just for them. I’ll look in to it. Jasper this morning was super-cute by playing with my tap water as I was brushing my teeth. We are definitely getting to know them better now and they are trusting us more. It also makes me walk home faster which can only be a good thing.



February 11, 2008

having the kittens around is fun. Great fun. They are bundles of fluff and love which just lighten up my life. Its taken them a little while to get used to things, including a poo in the shower, but hey I can handle that. At least its not on the carpet. They are all fine now and know where the toilet is.

Saturday I went over to my brothers house and had a great birthday party. We spent most of the day outside in the woods and garden enjoying the cracking sunshine. I got some felting bits, a knitting book, some chili plants, a top quality flask and a front door bell.

We found where we want to spend our honeymoon and this morning I booked flights and contacted the owner of the property for rent. It is available and all I have to do now is pay the deposit. Which I will do this evening.

Click on image to see the property
Now to book time off at work, get insurance, car hire and figure out what else we need to sort out. I’ve booked it all in my old name and I think I’ll sort my passport out after, as long as it does not conflict or cause issue.

This is something I’m not all that ready for is the name change. I know people who have been through it and they have done fine so I guess its just one of those things that have to be done.

All in all I cant believe how lucky I am right now, things are looking good.