too excited

February 5, 2008

because we were looking at new cats online last night. We’re now booked in to see new cats tonight

Its made me a bit of a tizz and ditsy today. Personally I’m missing Erasmus a lot but the best thing for that for me feels like jumping right in and getting another cat, or two. This is so that they wont get lonely whilst we’re at work all day. Some may say its a bit soon but beyond all my allergies and issues to having cats the house is just not right without them. I’d rather be on antihistamines for the rest of my life than go without. I think this is something my family struggle to understand mainly because they don’t have many pets between them. I grew up with very few pets. I’m not sure I ever fully forgave my mother for selling my guinea-pig. I was only 7… and therefore not quite able to understand I had to fully look after them.

Now I know what it takes. I cant get the thought of a furry friend or two being with us soon. It lifts my heart. It may not be the furry friend I knew, but “If you cant be with the one you love, love the one you’re with” as billy joel said. I can do that.

Anyway the better news meter keeps going up. Tomorrow I have the day off and Scotty and I will go to the registrars office and confirm we are both free for marriage. Then I have the rest of the week off to do the things I’ve not got around to recently, like maybe a bit of pampering, going and visiting the twins, clean the cooker… OR we could hunt down some more cats. The list is endless of things I could or should do, like find our honeymoon. Visit Mum and Dad and help mum with my wedding dress. I know I’ve not got time for all of these things. We’ll just have to see, which is all part of the fun.


  1. I felt so much guilt after Milo was killed because I decided straight away that I wanted another cat. Meg was born a week later and I’m so glad we got her. She doesn’t replace Milo, she’s a completely different cat.

    I demand to see pictures of potential new family members!

  2. If it was me, I’d probably take a week or two to fully appreciate the freedom of being cat-free, but then, I’m not a cat person, so I probably don’t get it.

    Is the next one likely to be another house-cat like Erasmus, or more of a “(s)he’ll turn up when (s)he’s hungry”?

  3. I have always had pets, so being petless is not something I would enjoy. Good luck picking out your new flatmates!

  4. The only two things I miss, having moved to Sydney, are a garden and my pet house-rabbit so I completely understand where you’re coming from. A house is just not the same without a furry entity or two.

    New cat(s) won’t be the same as Erasmus, of course, but they’ll bring just as much joy in other ways.

    Looking forward to an update…

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