February 11, 2008

having the kittens around is fun. Great fun. They are bundles of fluff and love which just lighten up my life. Its taken them a little while to get used to things, including a poo in the shower, but hey I can handle that. At least its not on the carpet. They are all fine now and know where the toilet is.

Saturday I went over to my brothers house and had a great birthday party. We spent most of the day outside in the woods and garden enjoying the cracking sunshine. I got some felting bits, a knitting book, some chili plants, a top quality flask and a front door bell.

We found where we want to spend our honeymoon and this morning I booked flights and contacted the owner of the property for rent. It is available and all I have to do now is pay the deposit. Which I will do this evening.

Click on image to see the property
Now to book time off at work, get insurance, car hire and figure out what else we need to sort out. I’ve booked it all in my old name and I think I’ll sort my passport out after, as long as it does not conflict or cause issue.

This is something I’m not all that ready for is the name change. I know people who have been through it and they have done fine so I guess its just one of those things that have to be done.

All in all I cant believe how lucky I am right now, things are looking good.


  1. That looks splendiferous! I’m glad things are looking up again 🙂

  2. That place is GORGEOUS! And it looks to be priced quite well for that much space, too! Great pick 🙂

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying your new family.

  3. From http://www.hitched.co.uk

    “If you are a woman and changing your name when you get married, your passport is the one document you can get changed up to three months before you get married to show your new name.

    However, your new passport will only be valid from the date of your wedding since it will be post-dated. Also, if the country you are visiting requires a visa, check with your travel agent (or the country’s embassy) to ensure that a visa can be stamped in a post-dated passport.

    If a visa cannot be stamped in your post-dated passport, you will need to travel using a passport in your maiden name. As a precaution, take your marriage certificate with you if the tickets are booked in your married name.

    You should also be aware that some countries will not accept a passport which has not been amended (i.e. it is still in your maiden name), even if you carry your marriage certificate with you. Therefore, you must arrange to have a post-dated passport issued in your married name. Again, clarify this with your travel agent.”

  4. oohh thanks. I’ll do that then

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