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I phoned up the vets

February 12, 2008

yesterday to see why they had not contacted me about the bill for Erasmus’s cremation. They said they still had him, waiting for me to call. That put a little lump in my throat. Poor fella, having his body wait around for me to get my act together. Anyway I ordered the individual cremation so that we can have him back and scatter his ashes somewhere he would have loved to go. Somewhere grassy but protected from the wind. Somewhere his very loud and long meows will be heard by those who would stop a moment to rest.

Anyway before all that has me in tears because he is still thoroughly missed, I got home last night to another poo fiasco. This time both of our lovely new boys managed to figure out where the litter tray was and pooped two feet away from it on the edge of the door mat. The coir mat, as I just looked up what type it is, is recessed in to our laminated floor. It lifts but they managed to poo half on the mat and half on the laminate. I did try to move the mess but then found out that it was still fresh and far too squidgy to move. *queue minor retching from smell*

I disappeared up stairs and left Scotty to deal with it when he got in. Then I watched Otis down a full pouch of cat food and half a filet of smoked mackerel. Jasper is a lot more restrained in his food and only eats dry biscuits. He also likes the mackerel so its a nice treat for them as it was the first full day we had left them home alone. Otis is the sporty one and very very quick at hunting. He has been let out before so holding him indoors is a little more of a struggle although he’s coping fine right now. I’m mighty tempted to cat proof our back garden and put in a cat flap just for them. I’ll look in to it. Jasper this morning was super-cute by playing with my tap water as I was brushing my teeth. We are definitely getting to know them better now and they are trusting us more. It also makes me walk home faster which can only be a good thing.