February 13, 2008

did someone start today without warning me? I just cant seem to get out of that yawny tired bit of today.

Anyway last night our boys were good. Although this morning we had the same poo litter situation again of using the door mat instead of the litter tray so I have done my best to resolve it:

Insert some pipe lagging rubber, give them two trays and hope that they have got the hint. Thats our back door to our very small garden and does not get used much in the winter. Come the summer we can move the trays asside whilst we nip out for a bit of sun shine and a bbq.

I’ve uploaded a load of photos from the weekend onwards. The play in the woods on Saturday:

Spot the Scotty hiding.

Then a few plant photos in the sunshine, some knitting stuff I just did not get around to photographing before and yes some more photos of our cats.

So scoot, get on over to flickr and oggle at my wonderful photography skills, or not. Its up to you. I’m too tired to be worried about it.

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