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mmm tea

February 15, 2008

its great.

I went for a dress measurement on Wednesday night, it went well. We have a good design down now, almost completely different to what I first asked for but more what I would like to look like. I have asked the dress maker to make my whole dress except for a light shrug which I will wear over the top. I’ve not told mum yet because she’s on holiday and wont get back until tonight. She will be fine about it and I think it will work out for the best. I’ve got a price down to £800 which for a hand made dress I think is a bargain. It may be a little much for most but for me it works. We are supplying most of the material but I think it works out fair for the time the dress maker will have to put in.

Right now I’m full of fluey cold, I’m at work but I may have to go home if I feel any worse, we’ll see. Yesterday I just did not feel the love of valentines, both me and scotty are tired and worn down from broken sleep due to the new cats and a cold and generally a bit snotty and fuzzy. We did huddle in front of the TV for a bit but it was not really romantic, hopefully next week when we both have a day off for Scotty’s birthday we can cheer things up then.

I think we need this weekend to rest. One thing we need to do is get our boys chipped which is planned for tomorrow lunch time. They have managed to hit the target this morning, yesterday was another poo fiasco. I had 3 presents left for me to clean up. Scotty gave both the boys a lesson in using the toilet last night which I think may have helped. Which was after he found one of them had peed on the rubber mat.

Apart from that I think I’m going to sleep for England this weekend, wake me when its time to watch antiques road show.