February 17, 2008

We took our boys out to the cat rescue center near north walsham. They behaved beautifully and were chipped with no issues. They got on fine with everyone they met and we gave a donation for letting us have them. This morning poor Jasper had a very bad time going to the toilet, although happier in himself he was very messy. Both cats had a shower which went better than I expected, a few small howls and wriggling but no where near as bad as Erasmus was. Then I’ve given Jasper a short back and tail with some scissors. Not the best hair cut ever, but at least he will stay clean and tidy for a little while.

Apart from that all I’ve done all weekend is snot, hide under a blanket and knit.

well, almost just that. I did take some lovely photos of Jasper and Otis.

I’ve turned the heel on both socks and am on the home run with the leg. I’ve also done half a pair of cream mitts for a friend at work. I’m glad I’ve not got out much. I’ve stayed close to the tissues.


  1. can you come and trim phantom and ginny please. i will pay you in cups of tea??

  2. My, they are both handsome looking fellas!

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