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February 19, 2008

well yesterday was. I called in sick and spent the day watching antiques and auction shows interspersed with house and home buying shows. slowly dribbling in to a pillow and occasional napping. I didn’t even pick up the needles. I was proper sick with a cold that just made me dizzy when I sat up. I made sure I ate, and drank lots of water and juice and tea and lemsips.

Both our boys looked after me well and napped next to me almost taking it in turns. Today I am back in the office and bimbling along with a slightly fuzzy head but nothing I cant cope with. Tomorrow I have the day off for Scotty’s birthday and I’ve not got him anything yet so we need to spend the day finding him a suitable birthday present. Apart from that there is almost nothing to report. I’m tired but that is because I slept most of yesterday afternoon and all last night. So yeah, Monday completely written off and wondering where it all went. I do hate the fact that a cold can make me so useless all I can do is dribble in to a pillow, but hey I’m on the mend and hopefully fully functioning soon.

damn. I’ve just been reminded I’ve forgotten one Grandma’s birthday which can only be saved by a present on Sunday and my other Gran will be getting a card as soon as I can find her address. oh dither.


  1. Did you get my e-mail with your boys in the cat newsletter?

  2. yes! thank you, its lovely. brought a tear to my eye. I never thought I’d be quoted and published!

  3. tiss good blog that is written well, nice stories and good pics – i always enjoy reading it and thats why i have twice put it in the newsletter…. :o)

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