today we have

February 22, 2008

cats in bag

Scotty bought himself a play station 3 for his birthday.  This is the bag it came in. Quite large. Hopefully you can get an idea at the size of our boys.. they are huge for only 10 months old.

No knitting achieved, nothing but rest when not at work. Although I do feel almost well again now. I’m off to play with my kitties.


  1. scotty will have to pass me his ps3 id so i can add him as a friend… get him to download pixel junk monsters – you will love it as well as rub a dub – both ‘ally’ games and are soo adictive – only £3 from the ps3 store and both kiddy style great games!

    ….small cat.

  2. He’s signed up as munkt0n and his email is gmail dot com 🙂
    anyone else got one?
    add us and let us know who you are.

  3. i shall add you tomorrow… mines dinkydory (i think) or allyaec (maybe…) ones my mii for the wii and the other for the ps3. of is it dorii for the wii? god knows. its one or the other! lol.

  4. they’re so cute in the bag – after all it might hold exciting things for kitties, you can see why it needs investigating!

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