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joy upon joy

February 29, 2008

firstly Jasper is well. Last night we took away any biscuits and gave only wet food which is fish and meat based but not chicken to both cats. As Otis is a walking trash cat that will eat bread, cheese, yoghurt, fish and or almost anything food like placed in front of him we knew he would eat fine. Jasper has unwillingly taken soft meaty food and half a battered cod (without batter).

He has passed stool, it is solid and its in the litter tray. This brings me as much joy as the other thing I’ve been going on about which is my new car. It’s on my drive at the moment and looking spangly, sporty and cute. I’m so going to have to go for a drive in a bit.

So yeah my leap day is good. I hope that all my leap days are this good. I’m sad that they don’t come round too often.