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February 13, 2008

did someone start today without warning me? I just cant seem to get out of that yawny tired bit of today.

Anyway last night our boys were good. Although this morning we had the same poo litter situation again of using the door mat instead of the litter tray so I have done my best to resolve it:

Insert some pipe lagging rubber, give them two trays and hope that they have got the hint. Thats our back door to our very small garden and does not get used much in the winter. Come the summer we can move the trays asside whilst we nip out for a bit of sun shine and a bbq.

I’ve uploaded a load of photos from the weekend onwards. The play in the woods on Saturday:

Spot the Scotty hiding.

Then a few plant photos in the sunshine, some knitting stuff I just did not get around to photographing before and yes some more photos of our cats.

So scoot, get on over to flickr and oggle at my wonderful photography skills, or not. Its up to you. I’m too tired to be worried about it.


I phoned up the vets

February 12, 2008

yesterday to see why they had not contacted me about the bill for Erasmus’s cremation. They said they still had him, waiting for me to call. That put a little lump in my throat. Poor fella, having his body wait around for me to get my act together. Anyway I ordered the individual cremation so that we can have him back and scatter his ashes somewhere he would have loved to go. Somewhere grassy but protected from the wind. Somewhere his very loud and long meows will be heard by those who would stop a moment to rest.

Anyway before all that has me in tears because he is still thoroughly missed, I got home last night to another poo fiasco. This time both of our lovely new boys managed to figure out where the litter tray was and pooped two feet away from it on the edge of the door mat. The coir mat, as I just looked up what type it is, is recessed in to our laminated floor. It lifts but they managed to poo half on the mat and half on the laminate. I did try to move the mess but then found out that it was still fresh and far too squidgy to move. *queue minor retching from smell*

I disappeared up stairs and left Scotty to deal with it when he got in. Then I watched Otis down a full pouch of cat food and half a filet of smoked mackerel. Jasper is a lot more restrained in his food and only eats dry biscuits. He also likes the mackerel so its a nice treat for them as it was the first full day we had left them home alone. Otis is the sporty one and very very quick at hunting. He has been let out before so holding him indoors is a little more of a struggle although he’s coping fine right now. I’m mighty tempted to cat proof our back garden and put in a cat flap just for them. I’ll look in to it. Jasper this morning was super-cute by playing with my tap water as I was brushing my teeth. We are definitely getting to know them better now and they are trusting us more. It also makes me walk home faster which can only be a good thing.



February 11, 2008

having the kittens around is fun. Great fun. They are bundles of fluff and love which just lighten up my life. Its taken them a little while to get used to things, including a poo in the shower, but hey I can handle that. At least its not on the carpet. They are all fine now and know where the toilet is.

Saturday I went over to my brothers house and had a great birthday party. We spent most of the day outside in the woods and garden enjoying the cracking sunshine. I got some felting bits, a knitting book, some chili plants, a top quality flask and a front door bell.

We found where we want to spend our honeymoon and this morning I booked flights and contacted the owner of the property for rent. It is available and all I have to do now is pay the deposit. Which I will do this evening.

Click on image to see the property
Now to book time off at work, get insurance, car hire and figure out what else we need to sort out. I’ve booked it all in my old name and I think I’ll sort my passport out after, as long as it does not conflict or cause issue.

This is something I’m not all that ready for is the name change. I know people who have been through it and they have done fine so I guess its just one of those things that have to be done.

All in all I cant believe how lucky I am right now, things are looking good.


I had a wonderful

February 7, 2008

birthday, if a bit tired.  We let the kitties out in to the lounge as soon as we got them in on Thursday night. Then just before we went to bed we let them have the run of the whole house. This was good for them because they could explore at their leisure in the dark at night. They were well settled by the morning but we woke up lots of times to the sounds of running paws, little chirrups and meows and them jumping all over us. This is why I was tired all day on my birthday.

Scotty and I went to the registrars office in the morning and successfully signed to prove our intent for marriage. Instead of staying out we went to a deli and bought lunch and birthday cake and came home to watch more spaced and laze about. We did get out again in the afternoon and went to the pet shop to get a large carrier for our boys. I thought about going out for a drink or something to celebrate but I was happy at home and by this point both cats were sleepy and relaxing on the sofa with us.
You’re probably going to hear and see a lot about Jasper and Otis in the next few months. They are still very much kittens at only 10 months old. Already in to everything and enjoying the freedom compared to the kennel they were in for a few months. They are eating fine and using the litter fine. Jasper manages to paw the wall and the bin instead of scraping the litter. Its quite funny to watch because he sits upright. waving at himself in the stainless steel bin.

I woke up last night at one stage with Otis purring in my face with his head on my arm wedged in-between me and scotty. He made me jump a little but he had such a happy face and happy to say hello at 4am, almost ecstatic that I was awake and could play. I turfed him off gently. I’m hoping they soon learn that the bed is rest area not play area.

Erasmus is in no way forgotten but it does feel a bit like fate sometimes. These little guys needed a home desperately and because they have moved from the foster care, two more cats can be saved and be ready for the next home. Otis and Jasper would not have taken to Erasmus, and as he was 5 he may not have taken to other cats. They do not seem at all phased by the smells of another cat about the house, although we have washed as many of the toys and sheets and blankets that we can. All in all I’m amazed at how well these little fellas are settling down and it eases my feelings making me more sure that we did just the right thing.



February 6, 2008

I’m happy. Don’t fancy saying much right now. Just enjoying a day off. Although I thought some of you may enjoy this video of our new boys Otis and Jasper.


new kitties

February 5, 2008

cant explain it all now. Its just too good and I’ve got kittens to go play with.


too excited

February 5, 2008

because we were looking at new cats online last night. We’re now booked in to see new cats tonight

Its made me a bit of a tizz and ditsy today. Personally I’m missing Erasmus a lot but the best thing for that for me feels like jumping right in and getting another cat, or two. This is so that they wont get lonely whilst we’re at work all day. Some may say its a bit soon but beyond all my allergies and issues to having cats the house is just not right without them. I’d rather be on antihistamines for the rest of my life than go without. I think this is something my family struggle to understand mainly because they don’t have many pets between them. I grew up with very few pets. I’m not sure I ever fully forgave my mother for selling my guinea-pig. I was only 7… and therefore not quite able to understand I had to fully look after them.

Now I know what it takes. I cant get the thought of a furry friend or two being with us soon. It lifts my heart. It may not be the furry friend I knew, but “If you cant be with the one you love, love the one you’re with” as billy joel said. I can do that.

Anyway the better news meter keeps going up. Tomorrow I have the day off and Scotty and I will go to the registrars office and confirm we are both free for marriage. Then I have the rest of the week off to do the things I’ve not got around to recently, like maybe a bit of pampering, going and visiting the twins, clean the cooker… OR we could hunt down some more cats. The list is endless of things I could or should do, like find our honeymoon. Visit Mum and Dad and help mum with my wedding dress. I know I’ve not got time for all of these things. We’ll just have to see, which is all part of the fun.