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happy cats

March 31, 2008

Jasper is all well and happy. He’s bouncy and more lively although still a barrel compared to his brother. We can tell just by the way he acts that he’s happy and has cheered up and feels much better. He makes the cutest noises on the planet when he comes to see you, purring and meowing at the same time to make a burble. Which is why I nearly re-named him burble the furball.

The most common looks he has at the moment are…. “who me?” which is always slightly shocked and “yup, I took in none of that” read that as vacant and “oohh toy!” which includes whiskers forward. Jasper is not one to ever be shouted at. A sensitive soul with a very romantic side, he seems very loyal and will happily sit on you or with you, which ever you choose.

Otis however is now feeling the same as Jasper did about 3 weeks ago. He often waits for me to be at the litter tray and cleaning it for him to go. Not always the most fun but at least I know he’s got an upset stomach because I get to hear and smell it, even if he does bury it. His eyelids are over a little and he’s no where near as in your face as he was. Instead he walks around like a little yoda with a grumpy face.

Otis’s most common looks at the moment include: “old man face” usually when contented and being stroked, “I’m gonna gettcha” when attacking anything. Especially our legs in bed and finally “mow want!” which is normally for food or water or anything he desperately wants now. This comes with some very vocal meows and he’s very easy to understand exactly what he wants because he makes it abundantly clear. Sometimes to the point of saying hello! silly human! I’m talking to you! Otis is just a straight forward cat who will let you know what and when, there is no why.

This is an uber cat post because yesterday I went out to get them fresh food and litter and I decided to get them a water fountain. Its healthier for them and they already love the bubble like cascade in the kitchen. Their water will stay fresher longer and I thought it would stop them drinking so much from my bathroom sink. I really should not have shown them how water comes from a tap.

Then for an extra we spent a couple of hours in our garden yesterday with the cats. They loved it whilst we cleaned up. The sun was out, the wind was blocked by our fence and we played. ahh good times.

I’ve cast on a new silk scarf in lace weight. I’ve only got exactly 400 yards so I’ll see how far it gets me.


the lazy way to invite people to a wedding

March 28, 2008

Things are looking good (ish) on the wedding front. Softley events have been in touch and we’ve having a meeting with them on 10th April at our house. I’ve started on the invites testing the water with a few close friends by sending out emails. They may not be pretty but I can say nice things in them and get the point across without cutting down a rain forest to complete the full number of invites. I’ve got mum involved with softley too and the catering. Mum’s got all that under control. Things I still need to sort out soon includes shoes, and scotts clothes so that he can match my sister. Its like a cascade and you have to slip each of the items in to the correct order or the others can progress properly.

I’ve sorted out the car for abroad which meant for the first time ever I’ve had to publish my new married name. EEP! This also reminds me that I need to get my driving licence changed prior to travel along with my passport. Why are all these things so complicated to change? OOhh bank accounts, and direct debits… why do I do all our bills? because I find it easier to manage the cash.. Still I’m a little scared at all these new prospects that come with a simple name change. I tried practicing my new signature yesterday. urgh, not good. More practice needed!

Other good news includes both our cats being clean and tidy in the litter department. 3 days now and not a single mess out of place. (insert gospel music here with epic haleluya). Jaspper appears to be fully well again and full of the joys of life chirruping and giving the cutest meows I have EVER heard. Otis however has the meow of a sad cat with a cold. He’s snuffly and sneezy and moping a little but he still purrs and shouts for food so he cant be that ill. I’ve called the vets and I’m waiting a call back, and I’ve informed the cats protection that they are on the mend now. I just wish I knew what it was.

I do have some more photos at home but yeah they’re at home and I’m writing in my lunch break. I am so tempted to get an iphone soon to try and get all my details for contacts together. It would make most of this invite etc process easier for me. Just think entire invite lists fully processed by a mail merge from my iphone contacts. Now thats what I call using the geek to my advantage.

Oh and one final thing, IF you think I’ve missed you off my incredibly short invite list and you’d like one and love to come and see me get married please let me know. I’m bound to have missed someone very deserving, it may not be you but it also may be you. I have no qualms in saying no if I cant fit you in and yes if I can.


knitterati glitterati and party!

March 25, 2008

so squeeze me, I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to over the weekend but I feel relaxed and happy with progress.

I wanted to do my wedding flowers but felting means water and when its snowing outside I refuse to get all cold and wet inside too. I will get them done, just not now. I’m not in the right frame of mind to make beautiful flowers.

Saturday was spent indoors, knitting, getting the two tons of washing done, including any messy sheets etc that we had not got around to cleaning. It felt like we were catching up and spending time with our two cats whom still have some toilet issues. Not too bad right now but they will need medication to clear it all up.

Sunday I took a trip out to my brothers house to see the family. Mum and Dad have agreed to look in to catering for my wedding. This takes a whole load of pressure off me and I’m deeply greatful for their help. It was nice seeing all the kids playing with the snow and having an easter egg hunt.

Yesterday Scotty and I nipped out to John Lewis to spend those dreaded vouchers that I failed to spend last time. It was worth it. We’ve now got a summer quilt to go on the bed which will be lovely because we had to make do with sheets and blankets when it was just to hot for 13.5 togs…

I also finished my new socks: posh yarn merino cashmere mix.

I lurve them. I know where the tight bits are and I know what to do next time to improve on the shape. It will take some piddling about to sort it all out and get it written up but as these were a first try for a new design I may just wait to publish, hold back until I’ve knit another pair. I must have ripped out both heels 4 times each heel. I even seperated the socks on to their own needles so I could knit and test and frog and knit and test again. All worth while in the end. I quite like having heels on my socks that completely fit the curve of the heel, although I still need to move those gusset increases. They are too low on the foot and may wear through.


and relax for a break…

March 21, 2008

I had Thursday afternoon off work as toil. I’ve built up 18 hours of overtime in just under a week. All last Wednesday and last weekend. I booked both our boys in to the vets because Otis started to look ill and was sneezing and not going to the loo as well as he was. I took samples (poo) and they had blood tests. The vets called me back when the blood tests were done and confimed they both have a parasite infection that is not yet identified, and Jasper has an allergic reaction to something. Probably food but its going to be a while until we can identify that. Thankfully the cats protection league where we got our cats from over a month ago paid this vets bill. It was very kind of them to assist, and I did feel like that they might be slightly responsible as Erasmus never had a parasite.

I’m glad we’ve got some time at home with them. As they are both feeling rough now and Jasper is still no better, we’ve had a few little “accidents” to deal with like 6am on Thursday morning… on the bed sheets. urgh.

So anyway at least we are getting close to getting it all sorted out and we have a good chance at getting them both better. Today I have fully cleaned down by their litter trays. I’ve scrubbed and scrubbed the floor and walls and trays and the bathroom where we flush the litter. They have managed to make splatter marks up to waist hight.. I’m impressed, and I also have to re-paint at some point because washing the doors and skirting were fine but the matte paint on the walls has been completely eaten into. Now I believe after this week I could handle kids. Cant be any more messy than this can it?;)

IF we can brace the harsh weather tomorrow we may head in to town shopping. I’ve managed to turn the heels that were bugging me and I’ve stumbled on a hole free curved pocket heel that looks just yummy and sucks on to your heel in perfect curvature. Now if only I can get around to writing it down.

Sunday I hope we can head out to my brothers house for a proper Easter family get together. I cant wait.


I finally finished

March 20, 2008

the green quivers socks. Except I washed and blocked them and wrapped them and forgot to take photos.

Then I’ve also forgotten to bring a camera to work to take photos of the owner wearing them. Damn. You’ll just have to believe me that they are green and socky.


missing someone you used to care about?

March 19, 2008

I had a few strange dreams last night. Nothing scary or anything but it reminded me of an old friend I’ve not been in contact with for many years.

First thing I did this morning after my shower was nip on to the web and check out how he was. The last I heard he had bladder cancer and I was all of a sudden worried, and wanted to know that he was OK.

Now this gentleman was someone very special to me. A guide, a support and someone whom I would trust with my secrets. Like a very close uncle and friend. I’m gutted I lost contact and I will now at some point soon re-make contact with him. It does however add a strange light on my past and future if I do make contact.

The thing is he’s a hare Krishna devotee and someone who has dedicated his life to Krishna consciousness, which is not a bad thing. I’ve said before that I do appreciate all that they do as a group and I do believe in their theory of what is good for you and for life. Thing is as time has gone by I have definitely put myself at a distance from the temple and devotees due to some not so favourable situations I ended up being part of. Mostly due to my ex… These things don’t really need to be gotten in to, best just to say that I found that the very strict path of a devotee was not something I felt I could attain and keep sane and happy.

It was mainly due to the fact that I measured myself so strictly it became something that would hinder rather than help my development. Still I feel like I may have lost something by loosing that contact. Although with associations like ISKCON you have to be able to give and take and accept all of the good and bad within an organisation I was one who would rather not join than fail. Maybe that was naive and maybe I’ve lost my chance at perfection this life, unless you understand fully what you are getting in to it is wise not to take that step. Plus full understanding is sometimes also the downfall, knowing what you have to achieve can be a mountain too far.

My parents were suitably worried that I spent so much time with what looked like a cult in my early 20’s. Although after meeting devotees and understanding what the whole thing was about they were happy that I had something in my life that explained things and made me comfortable with why I’m here. I’d never ever push any religion or way of life on anyone and I’m mighty glad nobody did the same to me. Now though, I’m much further away from being a devotee than I ever was, I still have some of their philosophies at heart. I may have taken on the things that suit me and dropped the things that don’t, I fully admit that I enjoyed my time with the devotees and still would like them to be my friends. Religion as a whole is such a sore subject for many people to broach because it points out some of the finer items of your beliefs and mind structure that others could pick at. This is why sometimes I have left the subject and decided to be more frivolous and just deal with the day to day items.

Luckily Kripamoya is alive and well and still teaching Krishna Consciousness to many. I still find him an inspiration and I love the way he writes and talks about his way of being and his devotion and how it fits in to this very commercial and highly technological 21st century. So please, if you want to see what I would call at true devotee, someone who cares about his soul and the souls of others, visit his blog and see what its about. I love the way he has dealt with what life has thrown at him. If I can be even a smidgen as understanding as he is of the trials of life I will stand a chance of coping with what ever comes my way.


tired but ready

March 18, 2008

I wracked up 15 hours of overtime at the weekend in the end. I get most as payment and some as toil. I’m still tired and work is major busy with other things on too.

I’ve booked both our cats in to the vets on Thursday afternoon I must take samples, I’m not looking forward to that. Knitting is still going back and forth on the heel of two socks.

I have added Jasper and Otis to catbook on facebook and taken Erasmus down. I could not find another way to mark him as gone. Bit of a shame…

Hopefully this weekend will contain, lots of time off, parents, flower making, knitting, wedding invite making and cooking and cleaning and playing with our cats 🙂


when you stop

March 15, 2008

how do you start writing again.

Erasmus came home he’s beautiful. His box is currently in the window where he liked sitting. We’re going to scatter him some day soon.

I worked hard lots and covered Wednesday night for a budget event. All went well there.

I was waiting until this weekend to make an update because we were having a outage in my office which I have to cover. So far it has been the worst situation I have ever had to deal with. Thats not saying much really, I’ve had it very easy in my time. This time I’m still at work at 8.30 on a Saturday night waiting for phone calls. I didn’t sleep well last night because I knew I had to be up and at work by 7.30 am. I’m exhausted and struggling to see any good in anything right now.

The all important Jasper poo update now, skip to the next para this if you don’t want to see it. He’s still runny.. Although happier and more bouncy and jumpy than before. He’s taking the meds well but he was caught short on the bed this morning and left some prints behind him. Then some on the carpet…

Otis does not change. He’s a bundle of joy or terror. One or the other and no inbetween, got to love him.

My socks for me are at heel turn. I’ve gone a little crasy and moved the heel increases from the sides of the foot to the base. Now I’m a litte stuck as to how to go forward.

HOPEFULLY all going well tonight. (tries to hide sinicism but fails) We hope to go and see mum and dad tomorrow and help them with some lifting.

phew home now at 9pm….


I wanted to…

March 10, 2008

honest. I wanted to take some photos of yarn and knitting. I wanted to take some more photos of Otis and Jasper. I wanted to make my invites, I wanted to make my flowers. I wanted to tidy the garden. I wanted to relax.

guess which one singular of these items I achieved this weekend? probably just the most important one which was relax.

I took Jasper to the vets. He had a worming tablet, a full 1 week course of antibiotics and with that he also gets some gooey paste with all the flora and fauna a cat needs for good digestion. This was hopefully going to stop the “runny bum” issue we are having. As of this morning even though he’s only had sensitive biscuits to eat, he’s still making quite a mess. At some point soon I’m going to have to bleach the skerting boards. Its not nice, its actually at the stage where I need to dab his bum after he’s been for a poo because he dribbles a little. I’m so not enjoying it.

Anway on to nicer things. My brother came over on Saturday afternoon with the twins. It was lovely to see them although Tommy was rife with a temperature and feeling woozy. It was fun having them round. The twins were great with our cats and our cats were great with the twins. Although by the end of the evening Izzy was scared and Tommy had been accidentally scratched when Otis took a fast run round the house and Tommy was in his flight path. I started to get a headache like no other Saturday night which would probably would have been deal-able with if I had any pain killers in the house. I woke up again on Sunday with the same throbbing head, all sinus same as usual. Why I decided to do a full months worth of shopping in Tescos with that headache will be always beyond my reasoning but I did. Then collapsed on the sofa all day and knitted. (I will leave a proper knitting update for another day)

I ordered some knit picks needles, which I found the knit picks web site does not ship to the UK. I found a re-seller courtesy of a lovely online knitterly friend Indie knits pointed me at the right place Get knitted. This seems to be the only place I can find high quality metal circular needles with no inox or pony type bounce back cable and bend in the needles that drives me crazy. Now I do love addi lace needles. Very sharp and nice flexible cable. The only issue is they only do 2.5mm size. I wanted ALL sizes, I’ve ordered 2.0mm 2.25mm and 2.75mm and two of each which came to a grand total of…. £20.65 which is great considering all my addi turbos were £6.95 each from my LYS. YEEP! Although it does feel good to keep my very nice LYS in service!

Finally I may have to take a brief hiatus at some point. Things will be hectic this week and I’d rather spend my spare time relaxing than telling you all about it. Plus to be honest without making time for knitting content I’m a bit fed up with moaning about my ever annoying sinuses and cat poo. Let me know what you think, do you want a daily cat poo update?

nah… thought not.

Oh and I called the crematorium, it appears they’ve been trying to call me in the day time at home… HAH I wish. Anyway Erasmus is coming home tonight. Bill paid and all in powder form. Its a shame I cant just add water and re-constitute our old cat. He was the bestest.


I’m a tit

March 7, 2008

an idiot.

I managed to post the DS lite to the new owner of the squeeze box and vice versa. DOH. no worries it is all being sorted out. This week has been hectic at work and next week is going to be even worse with overtime because of the budget event and an outage next weekend for out of hours shut down which means going in at 7.30 am on a saturday. Ho hum. Its all worth it in the end and I get overtime for it.

This evening I got an office freebie 🙂

right now I’m half cut and stuffed full of classy food from a local restaurant, so no more updates for now because this is taking me twice as long to type than normal (I almost typed knit). One of the most entertaining guys from the office has moved to London so we got to go out and have a meal on the firm for him. top notch.


Jasper is going to the vets in the morning because his poo is still not right. I’ll let you know how it goes.

cheery bye for now.