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I’m a tit

March 7, 2008

an idiot.

I managed to post the DS lite to the new owner of the squeeze box and vice versa. DOH. no worries it is all being sorted out. This week has been hectic at work and next week is going to be even worse with overtime because of the budget event and an outage next weekend for out of hours shut down which means going in at 7.30 am on a saturday. Ho hum. Its all worth it in the end and I get overtime for it.

This evening I got an office freebie 🙂

right now I’m half cut and stuffed full of classy food from a local restaurant, so no more updates for now because this is taking me twice as long to type than normal (I almost typed knit). One of the most entertaining guys from the office has moved to London so we got to go out and have a meal on the firm for him. top notch.


Jasper is going to the vets in the morning because his poo is still not right. I’ll let you know how it goes.

cheery bye for now.