when you stop

March 15, 2008

how do you start writing again.

Erasmus came home he’s beautiful. His box is currently in the window where he liked sitting. We’re going to scatter him some day soon.

I worked hard lots and covered Wednesday night for a budget event. All went well there.

I was waiting until this weekend to make an update because we were having a outage in my office which I have to cover. So far it has been the worst situation I have ever had to deal with. Thats not saying much really, I’ve had it very easy in my time. This time I’m still at work at 8.30 on a Saturday night waiting for phone calls. I didn’t sleep well last night because I knew I had to be up and at work by 7.30 am. I’m exhausted and struggling to see any good in anything right now.

The all important Jasper poo update now, skip to the next para this if you don’t want to see it. He’s still runny.. Although happier and more bouncy and jumpy than before. He’s taking the meds well but he was caught short on the bed this morning and left some prints behind him. Then some on the carpet…

Otis does not change. He’s a bundle of joy or terror. One or the other and no inbetween, got to love him.

My socks for me are at heel turn. I’ve gone a little crasy and moved the heel increases from the sides of the foot to the base. Now I’m a litte stuck as to how to go forward.

HOPEFULLY all going well tonight. (tries to hide sinicism but fails) We hope to go and see mum and dad tomorrow and help them with some lifting.

phew home now at 9pm….

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