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March 21, 2008

I had Thursday afternoon off work as toil. I’ve built up 18 hours of overtime in just under a week. All last Wednesday and last weekend. I booked both our boys in to the vets because Otis started to look ill and was sneezing and not going to the loo as well as he was. I took samples (poo) and they had blood tests. The vets called me back when the blood tests were done and confimed they both have a parasite infection that is not yet identified, and Jasper has an allergic reaction to something. Probably food but its going to be a while until we can identify that. Thankfully the cats protection league where we got our cats from over a month ago paid this vets bill. It was very kind of them to assist, and I did feel like that they might be slightly responsible as Erasmus never had a parasite.

I’m glad we’ve got some time at home with them. As they are both feeling rough now and Jasper is still no better, we’ve had a few little “accidents” to deal with like 6am on Thursday morning… on the bed sheets. urgh.

So anyway at least we are getting close to getting it all sorted out and we have a good chance at getting them both better. Today I have fully cleaned down by their litter trays. I’ve scrubbed and scrubbed the floor and walls and trays and the bathroom where we flush the litter. They have managed to make splatter marks up to waist hight.. I’m impressed, and I also have to re-paint at some point because washing the doors and skirting were fine but the matte paint on the walls has been completely eaten into. Now I believe after this week I could handle kids. Cant be any more messy than this can it?;)

IF we can brace the harsh weather tomorrow we may head in to town shopping. I’ve managed to turn the heels that were bugging me and I’ve stumbled on a hole free curved pocket heel that looks just yummy and sucks on to your heel in perfect curvature. Now if only I can get around to writing it down.

Sunday I hope we can head out to my brothers house for a proper Easter family get together. I cant wait.


  1. Kids wear NAPPIES. Sure, you still have to deal with the poo, but at least it’s generally, you know, contained.

    … actually that’s a lie.

    There was Pip’s kid, aged two, we were eating potato wedges and a certain evilstevie shared his sweet chilli sauce with the Boy. Everything was fine until dessert, when all of a sudden, the Boy looked a little uncomfortable and then farted. Well, we thought he’d farted. Actually, he’d farted liquid poo with such force that it went up the back of his nappy and all over the inside back of his t-shirt. Happily Pip tended to have a change of clothes and plenty of wet-wipes in the nappybag, and eateries tend to provide baby-changing facilities.

    But that was still contained. The evillest little fecker was a kid I babysat who was about 6 months old. It started off the same. He was in a cute little white onesie, and while I was burping him, he parped and a brown stain appeared on the back of the onesie, above the nappy line. No problem, his mum had warned me he’d been a bit unwell. I put the mat on the floor, out came the change-bag, I got him all nice and clean, Evil Poop Of Doom safely sealed in a scented nappysack. Kneeling in front of the child on the mat, I held his legs in the air and started to slide the fresh nappy underneath him.

    He chose that moment to let rip with yet more, highly pressurised, liquid shit. ALL over my jeans. I was less than amused. He seemed to feel better about life though.

    /apologies for doing a comment that’s practically an entire blogpost.

  2. haha! well I know my brother has had similar with his two little ones. The thing is you can sort of tell kids and give them a bath without being scratched and bitten. Although I must say these two are particularly calm with water.
    I’m just amazed that the stuff up the walls has just eaten through the paint.

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