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knitterati glitterati and party!

March 25, 2008

so squeeze me, I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to over the weekend but I feel relaxed and happy with progress.

I wanted to do my wedding flowers but felting means water and when its snowing outside I refuse to get all cold and wet inside too. I will get them done, just not now. I’m not in the right frame of mind to make beautiful flowers.

Saturday was spent indoors, knitting, getting the two tons of washing done, including any messy sheets etc that we had not got around to cleaning. It felt like we were catching up and spending time with our two cats whom still have some toilet issues. Not too bad right now but they will need medication to clear it all up.

Sunday I took a trip out to my brothers house to see the family. Mum and Dad have agreed to look in to catering for my wedding. This takes a whole load of pressure off me and I’m deeply greatful for their help. It was nice seeing all the kids playing with the snow and having an easter egg hunt.

Yesterday Scotty and I nipped out to John Lewis to spend those dreaded vouchers that I failed to spend last time. It was worth it. We’ve now got a summer quilt to go on the bed which will be lovely because we had to make do with sheets and blankets when it was just to hot for 13.5 togs…

I also finished my new socks: posh yarn merino cashmere mix.

I lurve them. I know where the tight bits are and I know what to do next time to improve on the shape. It will take some piddling about to sort it all out and get it written up but as these were a first try for a new design I may just wait to publish, hold back until I’ve knit another pair. I must have ripped out both heels 4 times each heel. I even seperated the socks on to their own needles so I could knit and test and frog and knit and test again. All worth while in the end. I quite like having heels on my socks that completely fit the curve of the heel, although I still need to move those gusset increases. They are too low on the foot and may wear through.