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the lazy way to invite people to a wedding

March 28, 2008

Things are looking good (ish) on the wedding front. Softley events have been in touch and we’ve having a meeting with them on 10th April at our house. I’ve started on the invites testing the water with a few close friends by sending out emails. They may not be pretty but I can say nice things in them and get the point across without cutting down a rain forest to complete the full number of invites. I’ve got mum involved with softley too and the catering. Mum’s got all that under control. Things I still need to sort out soon includes shoes, and scotts clothes so that he can match my sister. Its like a cascade and you have to slip each of the items in to the correct order or the others can progress properly.

I’ve sorted out the car for abroad which meant for the first time ever I’ve had to publish my new married name. EEP! This also reminds me that I need to get my driving licence changed prior to travel along with my passport. Why are all these things so complicated to change? OOhh bank accounts, and direct debits… why do I do all our bills? because I find it easier to manage the cash.. Still I’m a little scared at all these new prospects that come with a simple name change. I tried practicing my new signature yesterday. urgh, not good. More practice needed!

Other good news includes both our cats being clean and tidy in the litter department. 3 days now and not a single mess out of place. (insert gospel music here with epic haleluya). Jaspper appears to be fully well again and full of the joys of life chirruping and giving the cutest meows I have EVER heard. Otis however has the meow of a sad cat with a cold. He’s snuffly and sneezy and moping a little but he still purrs and shouts for food so he cant be that ill. I’ve called the vets and I’m waiting a call back, and I’ve informed the cats protection that they are on the mend now. I just wish I knew what it was.

I do have some more photos at home but yeah they’re at home and I’m writing in my lunch break. I am so tempted to get an iphone soon to try and get all my details for contacts together. It would make most of this invite etc process easier for me. Just think entire invite lists fully processed by a mail merge from my iphone contacts. Now thats what I call using the geek to my advantage.

Oh and one final thing, IF you think I’ve missed you off my incredibly short invite list and you’d like one and love to come and see me get married please let me know. I’m bound to have missed someone very deserving, it may not be you but it also may be you. I have no qualms in saying no if I cant fit you in and yes if I can.