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happy cats

March 31, 2008

Jasper is all well and happy. He’s bouncy and more lively although still a barrel compared to his brother. We can tell just by the way he acts that he’s happy and has cheered up and feels much better. He makes the cutest noises on the planet when he comes to see you, purring and meowing at the same time to make a burble. Which is why I nearly re-named him burble the furball.

The most common looks he has at the moment are…. “who me?” which is always slightly shocked and “yup, I took in none of that” read that as vacant and “oohh toy!” which includes whiskers forward. Jasper is not one to ever be shouted at. A sensitive soul with a very romantic side, he seems very loyal and will happily sit on you or with you, which ever you choose.

Otis however is now feeling the same as Jasper did about 3 weeks ago. He often waits for me to be at the litter tray and cleaning it for him to go. Not always the most fun but at least I know he’s got an upset stomach because I get to hear and smell it, even if he does bury it. His eyelids are over a little and he’s no where near as in your face as he was. Instead he walks around like a little yoda with a grumpy face.

Otis’s most common looks at the moment include: “old man face” usually when contented and being stroked, “I’m gonna gettcha” when attacking anything. Especially our legs in bed and finally “mow want!” which is normally for food or water or anything he desperately wants now. This comes with some very vocal meows and he’s very easy to understand exactly what he wants because he makes it abundantly clear. Sometimes to the point of saying hello! silly human! I’m talking to you! Otis is just a straight forward cat who will let you know what and when, there is no why.

This is an uber cat post because yesterday I went out to get them fresh food and litter and I decided to get them a water fountain. Its healthier for them and they already love the bubble like cascade in the kitchen. Their water will stay fresher longer and I thought it would stop them drinking so much from my bathroom sink. I really should not have shown them how water comes from a tap.

Then for an extra we spent a couple of hours in our garden yesterday with the cats. They loved it whilst we cleaned up. The sun was out, the wind was blocked by our fence and we played. ahh good times.

I’ve cast on a new silk scarf in lace weight. I’ve only got exactly 400 yards so I’ll see how far it gets me.